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March 2019

Issue Focus: Atlantic Region


Highlights include 5 focus articles discussing the topic of "Atlantic Region", "Repositioning Seismic Technologies and Services in a Dynamic Upstream Oil and Gas Industry", an interview with Marianne Rauch-Davies, CSEG Education Reports and our featured columns.

Recent Articles

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January 2019

Introduction to January Focus: Research Across Canada

Katie McLean and Germán Rodríguez-Pradillar

There´s no better way to kick off the year than with fresh ideas to expand our knowledge and improve our skills as exploration geoscientists. To help you out with that, we compiled in this special edition some exciting contributions from various researchers from all across Canada that cover some state-of-the-art… continue reading.

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January 2019

Skeletonization and Empirical-Mode Decomposition of 2-D Potential-field Images

Le Gao and Igor B. Morozov

The volumes of modern gridded data collected by the geophysical exploration industry are often large and can benefit from methods for image decomposition, pattern analysis, and interpretation. Automated pattern-recognition methods can be useful for both seismic and potential-field images. In both of these cases, it is important to extract quantitative… continue reading.

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January 2019

Mechanics of Seismic Q

Igor B. Morozov

Seismic- wave attenuation and dispersion are studied in most geophysical curricular and broadly used in both academic and applied research. Applications of these concepts include identification of gas reservoirs and chimneys from frequencydependent seismic amplitudes, analysis of frequency dependent P- and S-wave velocities, interpretation of the effects of porosity and… continue reading.

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January 2019

CCArray and EON-ROSE: Emerging Pan-Canadian Multidisciplinary Research Initiatives

David W. Eaton, Katherine Boggs, Thomas S. James, Jason C. Droboth, Pascal Audet

The Canadian Cordillera – the mountainous regions of western Canada – represents a world-class natural laboratory for exploring the interconnected Earth systems that are critical to our understanding of major scientific grand challenges. The Canadian Cordillera Array (CCArray) is a proposed international scientific initiative, spearheaded by the creation of a… continue reading.

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January 2019

Impact Craters in Seismic Data

Amanda Obodovsky

Since the acquisition of seismic data in the 1960’s, impact structures have been seen in seismic data. These are structures that were created earlier in the Earth’s history from a meteorite impact and have since been buried underground. While many of these unique structures are known to be located in… continue reading.

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January 2019

Airborne EM: Peace Project, British Columbia, Canada

Melvyn Best, Anne-Sophie Høyer, Flemming Jørgensen, Antonio Menghini, Carlos Salas, Andrea Viezzoli

Over the last decade, Airborne Electromagnetics (AEM) has become a widespread tool for groundwater applications. Besides the demand of acquiring good quality AEM data, there are two other fundamental steps to obtain a robust geological and hydrogeological model: accurate processing/inversions and advanced interpretation.

... continue reading.

Recent Interviews

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October 2018

An interview with Douglas Clark

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September 2018

An interview with John Nieto

With more than 35 years of industry experience behind him, and spending many years working at Mobil, Exxon-Mobil, Anadarko, Esprit Energy Trust, John has extensive technical experience in the international basins as well as the WCSB.

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April 2018

An interview with Laurie Weston Bellman

Laurie was the 2017 CSEG Distinguished Lecturer, and is also the recipient of the 2017 CSEG Honorary Membership Award for her many technical contributions to geophysics.

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September 2017

An interview with Paul Hatchell

Paul Hatchell is Shell’s principal technical expert for 4D reservoir surveillance, and 2017 SEG Distinguished Lecturer.