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Sept. 2018

Issue Focus: Emerging Methods & Technology


Highlights include articles discussing the focus topic of "Emerging Methods & Technology", reports on U of C GUSS, AUGC and GiFT.

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March 2018

Introduction to March Focus: Salt and Subsalt Imaging in the Gulf of Mexico

Quincy Zhang

Subsalt imaging is one of the most critical technologies driving exploration to farther and deeper frontier areas in the Gulf of Mexico. For almost every project about subsalt imaging in the Gulf of Mexico, the three most important issues always are...

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March 2018

Salt Modeling Challenges and Strategies in the Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico

Quincy Zhang, Cristina Reta-Tang and Gary Rodriguez

In the Mississippi Canyon a unique characteristic of salt geometries are their stacking hourglass shapes – autochthonous Louann salt forms the lower part, allochthonous Mesozoic salt forms the middle part, and a Cenozoic salt canopy forms the shallow part. Due to this unique characteristic and the numerous overhangs common in… continue reading.

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March 2018

Enhancing Salt and Subsalt Imaging in Deep Water, Gulf of Mexico, with Common Offset RTM Gathers

Jianshun Sheng, Seung Yoo, Cristina Reta-Tang and Gary Rodriguez

We focus on extracting new value from previously acquired orthogonal WAZ surveys in the Mississippi Canyon area where some of the largest and still active deep water discoveries reside. Some analyses estimate that many large subsalt/presalt fields can still be discovered. In this study, the subsalt images which are critical… continue reading.

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March 2018

Post-migration Coherent Noise Removal by Dip Decomposition to Enhance Subsalt Imaging in the Gulf of Mexico

Hongyan Li, Peter Winther, Carlos Espinoza, George Zhao, and Neeraj Duhoon

In the Gulf of Mexico (GoM), with complex salt geometry, it is not unusual to see coherent noise in subsalt imaging. Such noise is detrimental to subsalt exploration and appraisal as it often leads to incorrect interpretations. The coherent noise is related to converted waves, intra-salt multiples, residual free-surface multiples, seismic data acquisition noise, and… continue reading.

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March 2018

Enhancement of Seismic Monitoring in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

Enrico Caffagni and Götz Bokelmann

The oil and gas industry is currently undergoing an extended period of instability. Technology can be leveraged to improve these difficult circumstances. The challenge is to develop ground-breaking technologies that help manage new projects more efficiently. At the same time, there is a tremendous need for technology to ensure a… continue reading.


Recent Interviews

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September 2017

An interview with Paul Hatchell

Paul Hatchell is Shell’s principal technical expert for 4D reservoir surveillance, and 2017 SEG Distinguished Lecturer.

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April 2017

An interview with Jonathan Matthews

Jonathan Matthews is Director, Greenhouse Gases EPA at COSIA, and discusses improvements made in water use, tailings management, reclamation and GHG sequestration.

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March 2017

An interview with Eric von Lunen

Eric von Lunen is an experienced geophysicist who is known for his reservoir characterization expertise for conventional, as well as low porosity/perm unconventional plays.

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January 2017

An interview with Amy Fox

Amy Fox has been involved in geomechanical consulting in the oil and gas industry for more than 15 years. She has worked for GeoMechanics International (GMI) in California and Houston, and later when it became part of Baker Hughes in Houston and Calgary. Subsequently, she was the Geomechanics Director at Canadian Discovery Ltd., Calgary. Now she is President and co-founder of Enlighten Geoscience Ltd., Calgary.