About the RECORDER

The RECORDER is published seven times per year by the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG), Calgary.

This website features publicly released RECORDER content, with the 3 most recent issues reserved for CSEG Members only. If you would like to learn about the CSEG or membership, please visit the CSEG website.

What’s Coming in Future Issues of the RECORDER…

Issue Focus Article Theme Coordinators* / Committee Assistants
Mar. 2019 Atlantic Region Omid Aghaei* / Steve Jensen
Mid-Apr. 2019 Data Management Sue Carr* / Kristy Manchul
Jun.. 2019 Central Canada Oliver Kuhn and Jean Legault * / Ruth Peach
Sep. 2019 Prairie Provinces – Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta Draga Talinga* / Albert Scutt
Mid-Oct. 2019 Canadian Cordillera and the West Coast Fernando Cerda* / Steve Jensen
Dec. 2019 Northern Canada Albert Scutt* / Stephanie Ross

Call for Papers

The RECORDER publishes articles on all areas of applied geophysics and disciplines which impact it. To submit an article: Please contact the RECORDER Editor at editor@csegrecorder.com. To be considered for publication, articles need to be received at least two months in advance of the publication date (e.g. by the 1st of July for publication in the September edition).

RECORDER Submission Guidelines

You can find information about submitting content at CSEG Recorder Submission Guidelines (pdf).