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Engage with professional geoscientists through advertising.

The Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists RECORDER magazine is an internationally respected scientific magazine that focuses on topics of interest to modern professional geoscientists. We publish an average of 30 technical articles per year, directed toward and written by geoscientists, service companies, and academia. Additional topics of interest to the CSEG’s members are also featured, including technical luncheons, conventions, social events, committee activity, etc. In terms of membership demographics, we have over 800 Active Members (i.e. approximately 46 % oil and gas company geoscientists, 25% with service companies, 19% contractors and consultants, 10% other), over 200 Student Members, and over 250 Retired, Honourary or Unemployed Members.

The RECORDER is published digitally throughout the year, currently with 5 focus themes per year. Once per year, associated with the GeoConvention in May, a paper magazine is also produced, which is valued by our members and frequently read cover to cover by them.

Why advertise in the RECORDER?

  • Be seen by relevant clients – the decision makers and those who use your services daily.
  • Reach the CSEG’s large international audience. Our current readership policy allows non-members to access all online RECORDER material except for the most recent 3 issues.
  • Connect and engage with prospective new clients and existing clientele to showcase your products and services, with the purpose of increasing your business’s market share and revenues.
  • Communicate with international geoscientists, managers, potential employees and investors.
  • Show your support of scientific innovation.

On behalf of the Recorder Committee and the CSEG Executive, we thank you in advance for choosing the RECORDER. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or if you would like to book an advertisement: or (403) 262-0015

Jim Racette
Managing Director, CSEG


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