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June 2017

Marcellus & Utica Shale PSDM Case Study – Improved Structural Imaging and Rock Properties

Morgan Brown, David Waibel, Scott Schapper and Joel Starr

March 2013

Reservoir heterogeneity and ‘stealth’ zones in microseismic: Role of rock fabric

Per Kent Pedersen and David W. Eaton

March 2013

Broadband microseismic observations from a Montney hydraulic fracture treatment, northeastern B.C.

David Eaton, Mirko van der Baan, Jean-Baptiste Tary, Brad Birkelo, Neil Spriggs, Sarah Cutten and Kimberly Pike

January 2013

A Math-free Look at Azimuthal Surface Seismic Techniques

Franck Delbecq, Jon Downton and Mark Letizia

January 2013

4D attenuation analysis for permeability estimates in hydraulically induced fractures

David Cho, Bill Goodway, Marco Perez, Andrew Iverson and Gary F. Margrave

November 2011

Hydraulic Fracture Height Growth

Shawn C. Maxwell

November 2011

Hydraulic fracturing: Coulomb failure stress in fracture networks

Kris Vasudevan and David W. Eaton

November 2011

An Introduction to Practical Modeling of Reservoir Geomechanics for Appraisal and Development

Vikram Sen and A. (Tony) Settari

October 2011

Advanced seismic techniques help in characterizing a challenging Jean Marie carbonate play, NE Briti

Dragana Todorovic-Marinic, Satinder Chopra and Mark Edmonds

May 2011

Geomechanics: Bridging the Gap from Geophysics to Engineering in Unconventional Reservoirs

Kurt Wikel

January 2011

Quantitative estimates of fracture density variations: further perspectives

Lee Hunt, Scott Reynolds, Tyson Brown, and Scott Hadley; Jon Downton and Satinder Chopra

September 2010

Natural Fractures from the Perspective of Diagenesis

S.E. Laubach, J.E. Olson, P. Eichhubl, S. Fomel, and R.A. Marrett

December 2009

On Calibrating Curvature Data to Fracture Density: Causes

Lee Hunt, Satinder Chopra, Scott Reynolds, and Scott Hadley

October 2009

Interpreting fractures through 3D seismic discontinuity attributes and their visualization

Satinder Chopra

June 2009

Application of seismic curvature attribute in the appraisal of the Tishrine-West field, North-East S

Nilanjan Ganguly, David Dearborn, Mike Moore, Don Gordon, Mary Horan, and Satinder Chopra

March 2009

Seismic Models of Reflections from Attenuating Layers

Richard L. Gibson, Jr. and Pierre Thore