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April 2017

Using a Walk-away DAS Time-lapse VSP for CO2 Plume Monitoring at the Quest CCS Project

Vicente Oropeza Bacci, Simon O’Brien, Jordan Frank, Mark Anderson

April 2013

Interpretation of Time-Lapse Seismic Data from a Heavy Oil Field, Alberta, Canada

Byron Matthew Kelly and Donald C. Lawton

April 2013

Predicting hydrocarbon production capacity in an unconventional reservoir from seismic derived elast

Gorka Garcia Leiceaga, Mark Norton, Joël Le Calvez and Freia Henery

April 2013

How to maximize recoverable reserves in an unconventional reservoir using reservoir characterization

Roxana Varga, Ted Holden and John Pendrel

February 2013

Dynamic reservoir characterization of the Lower Cretaceous Paluxy Formation, Delhi Field, Louisiana

Holly Robinson and Tom Davis

September 2012

BroadSeis: Enhancing interpretation and inversion with broadband marine seismic

R. Soubaras, R. Dowle, and R. Sablon

February 2012

Quantitative Interpretation Part II: Case studies

Lee Hunt, Scott Reynolds, Scott Hadley and Jon Downton

January 2012

Quantitative Interpretation Part I: Method

Lee Hunt

February 2011

Advances in “True Volume” Interpretation of Structure and Stratigraphy in 3D Volumes

Geoffrey A. Dorn

September 2010

Time Lapse Interpretation of Cold Heavy Oil Production

Ken Hedlin, Arthur Chan and Bob Godfrey

June 2010

Shear-wave sourced 3-D VSP Image Interpretation of Tight Gas Sandstones in Rulison Field, Colorado

Prajnajyoti Mazumdar and Thomas L. Davis

June 2010

Isostasy and Gravity Modelling: Integrating Potential Field Data in Interpretation Workflows

David Close

April 2009

Geophysical Well Logs from a Shallow Test Well and Automatic Determination of Formation Velocities

J. Wong, L. Han, R.R. Stewart, L.R. Bentley, and J.C. Bancroft