Fig. 01
CSEG Executive Committee officers for 2005-2006 and the CSEG office staff
(Sitting L to R: Rob Vestrum (Director of Education), Sheryl Meggesson (CSEG Administrative Services and Marketing Coordinator), Peter Cary (2004 CSEG President), Jim Stenhouse (2005 CSEG President), Jim Racette (CSEG Managing Director), François Aubin (Director of Member Services))
(Standing L to R: Eric Mikkelborg (Assistant Director of Finance), Cherene Crawford (Assistant Director of Member Services), Debbie White (Director of Finance), Sandy Lucas (Assistant Director of Communications), Jason Choo (Director of Communications))


Fig. 02
The outgoing CSEG Executive members with President CSEG
(L to R: Larry Mewhort, Peter Cary, Jim Stenhouse, Bill Goodway, and Cecil Keeping)


Fig. 03
Jim Stenhouse and Peter Cary, 2005 and 2004 CSEG Presidents with the SEG President and March 2005 CSEG Luncheon Speaker, Craig Beasley.


Fig. 04
Richard Kellet and Paul Bauman with their BEST PAPER–CSEG RECORDERAWARD.


Fig. 05
Dan Hampson and Brian Russell with their BEST PAPER–CSEG TECHNICAL LUNCHEON AWARD


Fig. 06
Bill Goodway, 2005 CSEG Past President handing over the 2004 CSEG Medal Award to Dan Hampson.


Fig. 07
Bill Goodway handing over the 2004 CSEG Hononary Membership Award to Davey Einarsson.


Fig. 08
March 2005 CSEG luncheon speaker, SEG President Craig Beasley.


Fig. 09
Peter Cary handing over the CSEG Presidential Gavel to Jim Stenhouse



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