The CSEG Annual Meeting was held March 15th, 1994 at the Westin Hotel. A Very Successful lunch time Awards Presentation and Business Meeting as well as a presentation on Earthquakes near Fort St. John. B.C.. was enjoyed by all in attendance. Several Societies within our industry were represented. Presented with awards were (below; top-bottom): Don Chamberlain, CSEG Medal; Dr. Gordon West, Honorary Membership; Murray Olson and George Kostashuk, Meritorious Service Award; Bill Davitt, President's gavel and sounding block; John Varsek (R) and Rod Morris (L). Best Paper Award.


Fig. 01
Your Executive for 1994/95 are (left): Standing L-R: John Townsley, Recorder Production Editor; Sheila Conner, Recorder Technical Editor; Bill Davitt, Past President; Bill Goodway, Secretary; Diane Shao, Business Manager.
Sitting L-R: Bill Bradley. Treasurer: Barry Korchinski. First Vice-President: Gary Taylor, President; Don Lawton, Second Vice-President.
Missing: Mel Best, Journal Editor.



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