In April of 1973, at the first ever CSEG National Convention, Pete Savage was the first author of a technical paper, “Shallow Marine Hovercraft Operations – Mackenzie Delta”. Now, thirty-one years later at the 2004 National Convention, Pete is first author of several posters, ten to be exact! But these posters aren’t part of the regular Poster Sessions; they are part of a special effort that ties into the 2004 Convention theme.

EnCana is generously supporting a collaborative effort involving the Petroleum Historical Society, the Petroleum Hall of Fame, and the Canadian Centre for Energy Information. These three non-profit organizations will be featuring information on their respective efforts in three side-by-side booths on the exhibit floor. In addition to that, the Petroleum Historical Society and the Petroleum Hall of Fame have each put together ten posters – the Historical Society’s featuring exploration successes and failures, and the Hall of Fame’s featuring images and biographies of industry leaders who have been inducted into the Hall. These posters will be distributed throughout the exhibits floor, and will provide the information required for a scavenger hunt.

Hall of Fame members Tony Vanden Brink and Helen Turgeon have put together profiles on ten very interesting inductees, including Arne Nielsen and Jim Gray. It is noted that geophysicists are proportionally under represented in the Petroleum Hall of Fame. Perhaps seeing these posters will inspire CSEG members and spur them on to nominate fellow geophysicists worthy of this significant honour! Information on the nomination process will be available at the Hall of Fame booth.

An active member of the Petroleum Historical Society, Pete Savage has prepared twelve topics, with ten making the cut to become poster displays for the Convention. In order to whet Convention delegates’ appetites, the two works not being used as posters are featured here.

Without giving away any scavenger hunt secrets, other topics covered by the Historical Society’s posters include the fascinating story of how seismic led to the Leduc discovery, a piece on the founding fathers of the CSEG, and the story of the North King ATV.

The twenty posters promise to be extremely interesting, and Convention delegates are urged to check them out. Also, make a point to visit the booths of the Petroleum Historical Society, the Petroleum Hall of Fame, and the Canadian Centre for Energy Information – these three societies, each in their own different way, are doing a great job in letting the rest of society know more about our industry. When seeing their fascinating material, most of us find out that we still have a lot to learn about our own industry!



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