We would like to thank the over 26,000 RNs employed by Alberta health Services; over 11,000 doctors; and more than 5,600 EMS professionals that are working on the frontlines of this pandemic.

We would like to thank our leaders that have stepped up in this challenging time and made some unpopular decisions, suspending in many cases our civil liberties but reducing the number of people infected by coronavirus virus.

We would like to thank the leaders in industry making exceedingly tough decisions in response to the sudden drop in the price of oil and natural gas by reducing capital expenditures, and their production guidance.  In some cases, they have deferred dividends for this year.

We would like to thank the truckers, the cashiers, the store clerks, cooks etc. that are working so that each household has the goods and supplies that they need.

We understand that these are challenging times, with many facing uncertainty, but we wanted to publish this Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG) RECORDER and put it online for everyone.

We would like to thank you the readers.  We know you are going through a lot and have taken the time to read our humble magazine.

For everyone working on this, we do it out of love for our community, so we hope you enjoy this mid-April edition of the Recorder.



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