Geoscientists in Ontario are trying (once again) to achieve professional registration. This time, the chance of success appears to be significantly greater.

As of March 10, 1996, the Association of Geoscientists of Ontario was formed, following from the Committee for Professional Registration of Geoscientists in Ontario. The aim of this organization is to promote establishment of a system for geoscientist registration in Ontario and to provide a formal channel for communication with the geoscience community in Ontario as the registration process develops. The inaugural meeting, held to coincide with the PDAC, was attended by some 60 geoscientists. By the end of March 1996, over 300 geoscientists across Ontario have already joined. The aim is to have all Ontario geoscientists represented by the end of 1996.

The Association is now participating in a combined Task Force with the Professional Engineers in Ontario (PEO) to develop a licensure model for geoscientists within the PEO through an amendment to the Professional Engineers Act of Ontario. The intent is to develop a mechanism similar to that now available in BC, Alberta, Newfoundland and the NWT. The geoscientists on the Task Force committee are Bill Pearson, Andy Cooper, and John Bowlby. The Task Force is proceeding well and, at this time, both parties hope to be able to take a revised Act, incorporating geoscientists, to the Legislature in late 1996.

The Association is intended to be an interim organization whose principal objectives are identifying individual geoscientists in Ontario; facilitating discussion of the registration system; providing a formal organization to support the jointly prepared Assoc. Geoscientists of Ontario/PEO submission to the Ontario government; and providing a financial resource for this phase of the process.

Following the March meeting a Board of Directors was elected, and an executive formed. The Board is comprised of Bill Pearson (President), John Bowlby (vice president), Janet Haynes (Secretary-Treasurer), Linda Bloom, Andy Cooper, Mike Cosec, Brian MacKay, Bob Leech, Gary Pringle, and Bill Steibel. Committees have been struck to develop the Associations membership, disseminate information, and to assist the Task Group discussions.

This association represents your profession and we urge you to join and support the registration process. Membership allows you to participate in the registration process and to keep well informed of the progress to advance registration to a professional status for geoscientists in Ontario. Don't assume that you will hear about it through other geoscientists - they may be assuming the same thing. Membership in the Association is open to all geoscientists in Ontario. Annual membership fee is $25.00. A non-voting membership is available to full time students at the reduced rate of $10.00 per year. For membership application and additional information, please contact:

Janet Haynes, Sec.- Treasurer AGO
C/O Charlesworth & Associates
Suite 101, 77 Mowat Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M6K 3E3
Fax 416-536-7724, or

Mark Waychison, Membership Committee
Mineral Exploration Geologist
Tel/fax: (905) 847-6918



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