The following letter to CSEG Members was written by John Gartner, President of the Canadian Geoscience Council to provide information on the CGC for our membership:

..“The Canadian Geoscience Council provides an open forum for communications, discussion and debate to ensure the effectiveness and influence of the geosciences in addressing the needs and desires of the people of Canada, especially with regard to the quality of life, economic prosperity, and the maintenance and improvement of the natural environment.”

The Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists is one of the 13 member societies of the Council, and your association has a designated representative on Council.

The Canadian Geoscience Council (CGC) was formed in 1972, and since then has met 81 times at various centres across Canada. In 1993, the Council met in Ottawa in January, and will meet in Edmonton in May and Sudbury in September. Each Council meeting attracts between 25 and 40 geoscientists representing the constituent societies, standing and advisory committees or associated member bodies.

The Council is doing a lot on behalf of geologists, geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists, geophysicists and other geoscientists in Canada. Here are some of the activities that might be of interest to you.


All engineers in Canada who wish to be licensed to practice are provincially registered. All such geoscientists are not, and the Council feels that they should have this opportunity. Under CGC auspices, the Professional Registration Committee was formed to coordinate registration activities across Canada. The Committee has members from different provinces and territories and obtains input from interested constituent societies of the Council.

For further information contact Gordon Williams in Alberta - Fax (403) 240-6664/Tel. (403) 240-6966.


The Council supports two initiatives in the education field. One is called EdGEO and the other is the Canadian Geoscience Education Board. The EdGeo Program provides training in the geosciences to public school and high school teachers across Canada. The program is fully funded and has a dedicated group of 12 to 14 very experienced earth scientists operating out of Calgary. Bob Greggs in Alberta would be pleased to explain the program to you. Contact him by Fax (403) 265-1870/Tel. (403)266-3789.

The Canadian Education Board is a recent venture by the CGC. The Board was formed to coordinate the efforts of the Canadian Geoscience community in matters related to geoscience education and public awareness of geoscience.

Laing Ferguson is the Chair of the Board and he can be contacted in New Brunswick by Fax (506)364-2216 rrel. (506)364-2311. The Council recently published a careers booklet called “Explore Careers in Geoscience”. The booklet is 31 pages long and is available from Dr. Alan Morgan in Waterloo, Fax (519) 746-7484rrel.(519)885-1211 x3029/3231.


The CGC is responsible for Canadian participation in most international programs in the geosciences other than those between governments. Canada can be rightfully proud of our contributions to leadership on the international geoscience scene. Over the past few years our geoscientists have led many of these societies. Here are a few names: I) Dr. Bill Fyfe of The University of Western Ontario is the President of the International Union of Geological Sciences; 2) last year Dr. Glen Caldwell of the same university was the Vice-President; 3) Dr. Owen White of The University of Waterloo is the Past President of the International Association of Engineering Geology; 4) Dr. Norbert Morgenstern from The University of Alberta is the President of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering; 5) Dr. John Franklin of The University of Waterloo is the Past President of the International Association of Rock Mechanics; and 6) Dr. Ray Price of Queen’s University is Chairman of the Science Committee of the International Geological Correlation Program. And the list goes on.

Colin Stearn from Montreal, our Foreign Secretary, can provide you with more details. Contact Colin by Fax (514) 398-4680/Tel. (514) 398-3590.


“Dancing Elephants” are sending sound waves many kilometers below ground surface. Measurements of these sound waves allow geoscientists involved in the Lithoprobe program to investigate the lithosphere that separates and protects us from the fiery interior of our planet. These Dancing Elephants are mammoth mechanical vibrators mounted onto large trucks that provide the energy source for these seismic studies. More than 400 Canadian geoscientists are involved. This research is unique in the world, and it is producing many benefits, not only for scientific research, but also in applied research dealing with earthquakes, continental drift, and how the continents were formed. The Canadian Geoscience Council maintains a standing committee on Lithoprobe.

Ron Clowes, Director of Lithoprobe in British Columbia would be pleased to tell you more. Contact him by Fax (604)822-6958. (604)822-4138.


Another unique international program that the Canadian Geoscience Council is involved in is the Ocean Drilling Program, commonly referred to as “ODP”.

Canada, in consortium with Australia, forms part of an international team of nations that are part of this study. The program is one of the most successful of all collaborative, interdisciplinary, international ventures in “big science”. The drilling ship JOIDES Resolution plies the oceans, coring deep into the ocean floor. The program has yielded much information and is contributing not only to scientific research, but also to applied research.

Contact Ian Gibson, Chair of CGC/ODP Committee at Fax (519)746-7484/Tel. (519) 885-1211 X2054.


The Council is represented on a Technical Advisory Committee to AECL by four people from our constituent societies. They provide advice to AECL in developing their long range plan for the safe, permanent disposal of high level radioactive waste.

George Skippen from Carleton University can give you more information at Fax (613)788-4490rrel. (613)788-2600 X4420.

In 1992, the CGC commissioned a study on “Groundwater Issues and Research in Canada” which was funded by the Geological Survey of Canada. This report will be published in 1993, and if you would like a copy please contact: Dr. Alan Morgan Fax (519) 746-7484rrel. (519) 885-1211 X3029.

The Council publishes an annual report of its full activities. Contact Dr. Morgan above and he will send you a copy.

During its 21 year history, the Canadian Geoscience Council has provided advice to provincial and federal policy makers on a wide range of matters concerned with the geosciences. Traditionally, these matters have been involved with the resource and energy segments. Today, and in the future, these matters are going to involve environmental concerns and decisions concerning land use. The need for continued support of the council will be required by all those interested in geoscience in Canada.

We look forward with pleasure to continued active participation in Council by the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists.

John F. Gartner, President
Canadian Geoscience Council

Note: The CSEG representative on the CGC is Gary Billings, with the immediate Past President of CSEG being an alternate.



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