The VIG Committee is in the process of putting together an online listing, which we’re calling the VIG Short List, aimed at helping CSEG members teach others about the value of integrating geophysics into their corporate business plans. By “others”, we’re referring to engineers, geologists, upper management, investors, and other stakeholders. Papers will address such topics as:

  • exploration
  • reserves estimation
  • well placement
  • steam injection
  • fracking programs
  • groundwater delineation
  • waste disposal
  • geotechnical challenges
  • identification of karst zones
  • estimation of cap rock integrity
  • measurement of induced seismicity
  • play-specific case studies, etc.

The Short List will be a simple listing of technical papers in bibliographical format. Due to copyright laws, it cannot be a compilation of actual papers, but will point you in the right direction with links. Papers published by the CSEG will be easily accessible to members. The VIG Short List will neither endorse nor warrant any particular method described in the papers. It will be a perpetual work-in-progress and kept relatively small, for ease of use.

So, if you have a favourite paper that you would like to share, please send the title and reference information to the VIG Committee for review. Please direct your emails to the Chair of VIG, Paul Hausmanis, at Tell us why you think the paper would make a good candidate for inclusion on the Short List.

We think the VIG Short List will be a valuable resource in helping open channels of thought between geophysicists and other professionals.

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