So, here we are at the end of another year – a year that has seen the CSEG come back from a significant loss in operating revenue to nearly breakeven. It was no small task to get back to this viable position for our organization; it took a lot of hard work, an improving or at least stabilizing economy and a very committed group of volunteers, staff, and board. But, above all we are lucky to have a loyal and dedicated membership and sponsors. The CSEG is very fortunate to have all these things and it's what has allowed us to carry forward the mandate to promote science, technology and fellowship.

This past year, as Assistant Director of Finance, I have had the pleasure to work with Neda Boroumand, Finance Director, Jim Racette in the CSEG office and Spryng Kubicek of Associations Plus. They were very helpful and patient as they coached me into my role as incoming Finance Director. I would also like to welcome Cathy Martin as the incoming Assistant Director of Finance.

The CSEG, along with the rest of the Canadian petroleum industry, still faces a long road to recovery. We did well last year to manage our resources while continuing to deliver value to our constituents and community, and I am confident we will improve and do even better this year. Thank you to the volunteers and board members whose dedication and hard work in the service to the CSEG ends this year. Welcome to the new volunteers and assistants who will take the commitment to move the CSEG forward into the coming year.



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