When I began my last Chief Editor’s message with, “Some changes come slow, and some come fast”, I didn’t realize that the next change for the RECORDER was a blink away. The print version of the RECORDER is about to end. For ever and ever? I have no idea.

RECORDER articles, interviews, columns, and reports will continue being published on the CSEG RECORDER website, csegrecorder.ca. The flippable and PDF versions of each RECORDER edition will also continue to be published online. Thanks to our staff, Jim and Alyssa, and our contractors, Bonnie Luft (The Printman) and Jeremy Sherry (Enter the Mind Media) for their assistance in this time of uncertainty, and their amazing implementation of all of our requests.

The RECORDER committee asked for at least one last print edition to inform you of the change, and give the Executive committee an opportunity to explain the reason for this change and hopefully answer some of your questions. The Executive unanimously voted for two last print editions, this mid-January edition being the second last one. If you haven’t already read John Duhault’s Executive Message (page 4), please do so.

A good, though unintended, introduction to our transition from a print (and digital) to a digital-only publication is Jeff Gautreau’s Letter to the Editor in this edition. I, too, have stacks of old RECORDERS, one stack on a shelf in the basement, and a new stack on the coffee table. However, the memory of the first time I ever heard the word “geophysics” intrudes on my thoughts. My automatic response to this new word was “what is that?”. My teacher’s reply, “lookup these two websites: APEGA, and CSEG.” And this is where I read my first explanation of geophysics as a career; on the CSEG website.

Do you have a memory of your first introduction to geophysics that you want to share? Please tell us.

Upcoming editions

March will be our first digital-only edition. This is our chance to try a new way of letting you know when an edition is ready for members, and see what other changes we need to make as we transition to digital-only. If you haven’t read the digital version of the RECORDER yet, please try it.

You will need your Member number and password, the same information you use when renewing your membership online. On the Members Only web page, select “Current Publications”.

Look for more information in the email Newsletter, and on the CSEG website.

Mid-April will be our GeoConvention edition with the FOCUS Greenhouse Gas/Environmental Geoscience. This edition will be both print and digital, and therefore, the planned last print edition. You will find information on the GeoConvention (May 15-May 19), some great articles, and some special content to salute the RECORDER’s history.



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