Executive Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the CSEG Executive Meeting held October 5, 1994 at the CSEG Office.

Present: Barry Korchinski, John Townsley, Gary Taylor, Heather Payne, Bill Bradley, Don Lawton, Diane Shao

Bradley, Don Lawton, Diane Shao The meeting was called to order at 11:10 a.m. by President Gary Taylor.

Motion to approve the minutes of the September 7th Executive Meeting and all decisions and motions at that meeting. Moved by Gary. Seconded by Barry. Carried.


1996 SEG Convention at Denver

  • Barry talked to Steve Kloppel, President of the Denver Geophysical Society (DGS) with respect to co-hosting this Convention. It was requested we supply Denver with a list of names for possible Co-Chairman, Co-Technical Chairman and Co-promotional Chairman. A list of names will be submitted shortly. Discussion ensued as to who should cover the expenses of travel for these Co-Chairman and it was suggested that the SEG be approached as profits to our Society would be minimal.
  • Gary will work on updating the CSEG Bylaws during his year as Past President.



(presented by Diane Shao)

  • Motion to accept 16 new or reinstating Members. Moved by Diane. Seconded by Don. Carried.


Bill Bradley

  • Bill noted that our Administrative Expenses are below budget. A cheque for $150,000.00 has been received from the 1994 Joint Convention. Bill moved that this recovery amount needs to cover 5 years operating expenses and therefore after setting aside a floating operating figure and covering our liability to the Continuing Education fund of approximately $19,000.00, the recovery amount will be invested with maturity each years. Moved by Bill. Seconded by Barry. Carried.

Business Manager

Diane Shao

  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance ha been renewed. The Office Insurance is up for renewal in November.
  • Motion to reimburse expenses to Gary Taylor for airfare to an APEGGA Meeting as well as phone expenses to Executive candidates while in Texas. Motion by Diane. Seconded by Barry. Carried.

Journal Editor

(presented by Gary Taylor)

  • Six manuscripts for the June issue of the Journal are in production. Papers will include the Fort St. John Earthquake, Salt Dissolution, Pre-Stack Migration, and others. Mel has yet to determine if there will be a special "International Issue" for December or a regular issue with a separate section on International Case Studies.
  • Larry Lines has agreed to be the next Journal Editor. Mel will be in town November 3rd and 4th so it was suggested that we hold our Executive Meeting while he is here. Thursday, November 3rd was agreed upon.

Office Manager

Heather Payne

  • New monitor has been installed but not fully operational due to lack of disk space on the 386. Submitted proposal for upgrading to a 486DX2-66 at a cost of $2000.00 to include 8 MB RAM, 420 MB Hard Drive, 1.2 and 1.44 MB Floppy Drives, 101 Key Keyboard, Mouse, Windows 3.11, Dos 6.21 and Modem. Motion to approve the purchase of a new computer by Gary. Seconded by Diane. Carried.
  • It was also suggested that a Computer Stand is required for the Office. John mentioned GMA might be able to donate one. Motion to allot $400.00 towards new furniture pending outcome of donation. Moved by Gary. Seconded by Barry. Carried.


John Townsley

  • November's Recorder is underway with a few biographies missing. December's Recorder requires a feature article. If anybody has suggestions, please pass them on to the Editors. A possible feature article would be from Anton Ziolkowski.

Second Vice-President

Don Lawton

  • Head table arrangements were organized for the October Luncheon. It was suggested that the Executive should entertain Prof. Ziolkowski while he is in town. Don will try to organize a supper meeting on October 17th with members of the Executive. Carried.


Gary Taylor

  • The slate of Candidates for 1995 Executive is now final. Nominations will be closed at the October Luncheon, and candidates introduced at the November 10th Luncheon.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 1:10 p.m. Moved by Gary. Seconded by Barry. Carried.

The next meeting of the Executive will be held Thursday, November 3rd, 1994 at 11:00 a.m. at the CSEG Office.



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