I am writing this executive comment as August is up on us – Hot and Dry like a good summer should be. September is very far away and thoughts of upcoming CSEG executive meetings are still well in the background, like other items on my to do list that I have avoided, as I enjoy one of Calgary's rare summers.

The more things change the more things remain the same, no more so than with the CSEG. In order to avoid any hand slapping, I'll keep this short and simple.

If you haven't noticed the increasing thickness of your CSEG RECORDER over the last few months let me update you. The RECORDER in April and May carried a significant increase in its technical component. Your RECORDER editors - Satinder Chopra and Oliver Kuhn – have been very busy getting out the June Special issue of the RECORDER. Due to changes at the CSEG office and the need to include certain papers for this special issue, the publication was a bit late and many apologies go out to all our members and our advertisers. The June issue was indeed a Special Issue and I encourage all to give it their full attention. A Big Congratulations go out to Oliver and Satinder for all their hard work in getting this issue completed. I have been informed that this issue of the RECORDER (September - the one you 're reading) should be on time. The focus of the RECORDER editors this coming year is to continue the effort to include more first rate technical content, and to be more aggressive in soliciting advertising, in order to be above the "break-even" mandate set for all publications. With the special issues and focus issues (April, May and future) they feel this will be an easier endeavor to accomplish.

Ed Lalande has been investigating avenues of revamping the CSEG Journal and how to bring this publication out to the members on a regular and cost effective basis. His call for help on page 53 of the May RECORDER has resulted in no responses as of yet. Does this mean we as a society really like the idea but are not willing to put forth the effort for a scientific publication like the Geophysical Journal? I, as a member, appreciate the merits of the CSEG and the technical knowledge that it provides us, through publications, luncheons, continuing education, SEG distinguished lectures and the CSEG Annual Convention. I would hope all of our members appreciate the effort it takes to bring these opportunities of shared knowledge to them. For those with a passion to help the Journal survive please contact the CSEG office ASAP or get in touch with Ed Lalande.

Going forward - if it hasn't been said enough, let me remind you again, the CSEG is run by volunteer members who in their own ways strive to make the CSEG a better society for all of us . If you haven't yet had the opportunity to volunteer I would encourage anyone that has even thought about it to pick up the phone and call the CSEG office.

Wishing everyone all the best in the upcoming 2001-2002 season.

Jocelyn (no I didn't get married) Frankow.



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