I was asked by Satinder to consider doing an Executive Message. Now I’m not a voting member of the CSEG executive, but a salaried employee of society. So I’m figuring that he (Satinder) is scraping the proverbially bottom of the message barrel, and I’m thinking what the hell, the publicity can’t hurt.

I have been employed with the CSEG for three and a half years and the experience has certainly opened my eyes to an industry that can change faster than saying the word “merger”. The people involved in this field are as resilient as any in the industry. It is perhaps that nature of resiliency, plus the diversity of what our members do that impresses me the most about them. During my tenure with the CSEG, I have witnessed an abundance of change and it has, to some extent made me a little more resilient, and respectful, of the industry. My time with CSEG has been surrounded by change and I’m proud of most of what has taken place. Some may credit me with being an instigator in this change process, and I suppose to some extent that is correct. However I see my role as being more of the spoon, and that I have had some great chefs “stir the pot” of change. Together we have developed some great recipes; Executive restructuring, financial restructuring and administrative restructuring. Recognizing our committees as being the backbone of our operation and our volunteers for their countless time and effort has been rewarding. These are positive initiatives that will have a profound effect on the CSEG’s future.

What does the future hold for the CSEG? I see our involvement as an entity who continues to provide excellent professional development opportunities to our membership via the convention and DoodleTrain, continues to inform our membership with a first class publication in the RECORDER and communication vehicle in the website, continue to provided informative and networking events like our monthly technical luncheons. Basically do all that we do now, but ensure that we have the resources to maintain and enhance these key activities as time moves on. I think the CSEG will be cautious in moving into new ground, but non the less will be involved in some new initiatives as time goes forward. An Endowment Fund is likely the next key activity the CSEG will undertake. So I do believe we are certainly well rooted for at least the next 15 years. To predict past that time I think is almost impossible. But again this is a resilient society.

I have worked with many people during my time here, but my obvious association with the presidents has been very satisfying. Thank you to Doug Pruden, Perry Kotkas, Randy Pelletier, Doug Uffen, Bill Goodway, and I look forward to continue that work relationship with Peter Cary in 2004. To the many volunteers from convention to DoodleTrain, you make this a very vibrant organization and it is a privilege to work for you.



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