Looking back at the last 2 years as Communications Director/Asst Director, I’m sad that it’s almost over (no, really!), but happy about all the initiatives we started and how positively these initiatives should benefit the membership, as a whole as well as on an individual basis. There are numerous initiatives undertaken by the many portfolios within the CSEG, but many of them effect us indirectly, or very little, whereas the Website and the RECORDER committees have the ability to directly impact YOU.

We are almost finished the process of updating our membership database. Besides making life easier (hopefully) for Jim and Sheryl in the office, this update is a necessary improvement to facilitate the on-line updates and event registrations that we are planning for the new year. Unfortunately, we won’t be ready to “go live” for this year’s membership renewal, but should hopefully be ready for the DISC registration. Watch your email for this exciting new chapter in the CSEG’s history!

The RECORDER is still regarded as a premier technical and social periodical in Canada, and internationally, yet we are always looking at ways to better the magazine. Be it improved technical papers, or replacing the Seismic Gourmet with another exciting column for you, the RECORDER committee is very active throughout the year. The most challenging part of publishing the RECORDER is finding new and interesting topics, as well as authors for 2-3 papers per month. The RECORDER is published for YOU, the membership, so we are more than happy to entertain suggestions/recommendations from you, and would love to hear your thoughts and publish your papers!

The CSEG executive is an exciting group to be a part of, as are the many committees and sub-committees that are lead by each Director. The CSEG is defined by its membership, and by its volunteers, so I strongly encourage you to join one of the many groups within the CSEG – you will not regret it. While my tenure on the executive is coming to an end, I dare say that this will not be the end of my involvement in the CSEG. Best wishes to Michael Enachescu and the new Asst. Director of Communications. Don’t forget to VOTE! Thanks so much for the great time!



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