It is my honour to work with a team of energetic and hardworking volunteers since becoming Director of Education Services for the CSEG in March of ’08. Our goal is to provide various avenues around which continuing education, knowledge sharing, personal interaction, and camaraderie can occur.

Jennifer Leslie-Panek is working along with me as Assistant Director. There are several committees under the CSEG Educational Services. The volunteers on these committees are giving their time and energy producing great results for our Society.

The CSEG Technical Luncheon Committee, under my lead, endeavors to bring you informative and interesting monthly presentations. We have a full line up of talks for fall ’08 and winter/spring ’09, including a joint luncheon with the CSPG in September. Be sure to attend these excellent talks while enjoying a meal and mingling with your colleagues in Calgary.

The CSEG and SEG Distinguished Lecture Tours are topnotch presentations from well-known professionals in the Geophysics field, delivered to audiences across the country. These DLs are integrated into the Technical Luncheon talk schedule for Calgary.

Under the lead of Bill Nickerson, the annual Doodletrain is a premier continuing education event, bringing top of the line instructors together in Calgary for one week to present courses to the Geophysics community. This is a learning opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. A keynote Technical Luncheon talk is included in the weeks’ events.

The Lunchbox Geophysics Committee, under the lead of Henning Kuehl and Julie Latter, host informal monthly lunch and learns in Calgary, presented by industry experts covering a wide array of interesting and informative subjects. Bring your own lunch; attendance is free.

Presented worldwide by a renowned Geophysicist, the annual SEG Distinguished Instructor Short Course is a week long industry related course. DISC is hosted in Calgary by Educational Services.

Another excellent educational event, offering a wide array of technical oral and poster presentations, as well as workshops and course learning, is the annual CSEG (Joint) Convention. This is separately organized and chaired by a Joint Association Committee.

Outreach, under Annette Milbradt (formerly under Helen Isaac), is a Committee that performs an outstanding service in educating and promoting the Geophysics industry to the community at large. Volunteers with Outreach work on several initiatives, either on their own or in conjunction with other committees. The projects include Kids in Science (KISP), Seismic in Motion (SIM), Junior Geophysicist Forum (JGF), University Student Outreach (USO), High School Outreach, Career Fairs, Geoscience Honourary Address, and general Public Outreach.

Information about Educational Services provided by the CSEG can be found under Education and Events at We expect to have a robust website for online administration of all these events by the end of ’08.

And please remember, this is your Society, so Volunteer, Participate, Attend, and Enjoy!



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