Well, it’s already been 2.5 years since Rob Kendall asked me to run for Finance Director of the CSEG. Time doesn’t fly but it sure moves in leaps and bounds.

I have learned so much about the CSEG and its amazing support of its members. The CSEG has one of the highest percentages of volunteers of any industry association which is an impressive view of the participation of its members.

I have been very fortunate to be tutored by Wade Brillon as to the responsibilities of the Finance Director. I did not know Wade very well before I took on this roll, but with the discovery of a few common interests such as barbeque and fishing, it was an easy match.

I am inheriting the CSEG Finances in excellent shape so my goal is to keep it moving in the same direction. Of course we couldn’t do this without the continual efforts of Jim Racette and Sheryl Meggeson in the CSEG office and Spryng Kubicek at Associations Plus to keep a continuum of the CSEG Finances. I am also pleased to have John Bertsch coming on as assistant director of finance. John and I have known and respected each other for a long time and I am looking forward to be working with him again.

In 2014 we are seeing some possible challenges coming our way as some substantial layoffs in the industry have taken place over the last 6 months and new field seismic acquisition in Western Canada as slowed down considerable from 2012-2013. We have been conservative in our budgets to reflect this with the confidence the industry will turn around. Plan for the worst and hope for the best has always seemed to work best in my experience. We are being cautiously optimistic that good oil and gas prices and some decisions concerning pipelines and foreign investment rules will get the industry back on track soon.

That being said, we still have 1.6 million in member equity, membership levels are still strong and the new 2014 GeoConvention Partnership sponsorships are looking good. DoodleTrain, the CSEG Symposium, our monthly technical lunches and other educational events are looking good for this year as well.

The Finance Committee and the CSEG Executive is committed to providing excellent service to its members such as the RECORDER, Journal, online tech articles, and running a fiscally responsible Association so we can keep providing that service.



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