On behalf of Tammy Willmer and myself I would like to thank all the CSEG members and volunteers who make the CSEG the growing, vibrant society it is today. As some of you know Tammy Willmer, past CSEG Director of Member Services, has recently welcomed a new baby girl, Kate Anne, to their family. Warm congratulations to Tammy and Ryan on their new addition! I would also like to specifically acknowledge the volunteers who ensure the continued success of our excellent social events that fall under CSEG Member Services. The Doodlespiel, the Family Ski Spree, the Doodlebug, the T-Wave, WiSe, the Road Race and the Junior Geophysicist Forum are seven excellent events well worth attending!

On November 18, The Junior Geophysics Forum hosted a well-coordinated event with Keynote Speaker, Norm Cooper. Over 125 people attended the event. The Doodlespiel welcomed curling enthusiasts back to Banff for a very successful weekend of curling on January 23. The annual Family Ski Spree was held at the Fairmont Hot Springs Springs Resort on the weekend of February 20, where both parents and children had an amazing time. All of these wonderful events have evolved over the years, yet they continue to maintain the established traditions that they originated from. This would not have been possible with out the years of volunteerism that has cultivated these events.

At our September Technical Luncheon we introduced our CSEG Service Awards to honor our long-term CSEG members. We showed our appreciation to those individuals who have been members of the CSEG Society for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 years, and we specifically thanked the 40, 50 and 60 year members in person during the luncheon for their continued support of our organization. The 10-30 year members received a token of our appreciation as well. We felt it was a long-overdue thank you to our members for their dedication to the CSEG.

An additional thank-you to all of our active CSEG volunteers took place on Wednesday, February 25th at the Garage Sports Bar. The CSEG Executive was pleased to host this event, as we are very proud of all our volunteers. We hope to host a second event in late spring or the early fall for our current 2015 volunteers.

A vibrant new team, ‘The Emerging Professional Committee’ is starting to take shape. In December, this group of people, held a joint networking event with young professionals with the SEG, CWLS, CSPG, AAPG, and SPE. In February, they put together an employability skills workshop. In this economic climate there are a significant number of geoscientists that are either unemployed, underemployed or find themselves struggling. One of the main goals of this committee is to encourage and promote the development of emerging professionals. The committee hopes to cultivate their knowledge, skills and attributes though a variety of educational, networking, and employability skills workshops in hopes of helping to develop tomorrow’s geoscientists today. Stay tuned for new exciting events to come from this group.

It is exciting to welcome the incoming CSEG executive at the upcoming AGM. They are a very dynamic and positive group of people and will continue to have a progressive impact on the CSEG and the geophysical industry. I want to welcome Kevin Bianchini as the new assistant director of Member Services. He comes to us with an accomplished volunteer background and I am excited to share the Member Services portfolio with him.



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