Gemini Offers Fischer-Good Sonic Log Editing

Gemini Exploration Technology now offers the Fischer-Good method of sonic Jog editing as part of its synthetic seismogram and modelling services. This method makes use of the deep induction log to correct sonic log errors and requires only that the gamma ray and induction curves be digitized with the sonic curve.

The method can be extended to provide a "pseudo sonic" log on wells without sonics. It requires a sonic-density pair on another well in the area for calibration. The gamma, density and induction curves are used to estimate the sonic.

For information, call Dave Normandeau at 233-2468.

Successful Completion of KERNEL-Rigel-Clarion Seismic File Transfer over ISDN Phone Line Pilot Project

KERNEL Technologies Ltd. is pleased to announce the successful completion of a pilot project between Rigel Energy Corp. and Clarion Geophysical Services to evaluate the application of ISDN dial up telephone lines to the transfer of seismic data files for interpretation workstations.

The project involved installation of KERNEL's ANTELOPE software and hardware in computers at both sites, contacting AGT to connect up existing lines to provide dial up ISDN service and installing ISDN terminal equipment to complete the computer connection to the ISDN telephone line.

Clarion prepares data files suitable for importing into the seismic interpretation workstation. These seismic files are then directly sent from the hard disk on the Clarion computer via ANTELOPE software over the Microlink dial up telephone service to the hard disk on the workstation at Rigel. This procedure eliminates all the hassle associated with copying the files to some tape media, sending the tape via courier and subsequent loading of the tape on the workstation. Transfer rates of 128,000 bits per second, 1 Mbyte per minute, can be accomplished anytime day or night for each Microlink line. This same dial up service can then be used by Rigel to send any seismic or interpretation files to out of house services such as archiving, plotting and mapping services. Also, an ANTELOPE connection to the seismic processing centre will provide Rigel the opportunity to review intermediate processing steps on their workstation.

ANTELOPE is network sensitive so both the sending and receiving ends can be network disks. Commercially available networking software will allow a mixture of PC and Unix networks for any type of file transfer application. Security features limiting unauthorized access are provided directly in the software in addition to existing network security. Multiple independent sessions can be used for simultaneous support of dial up customers. ANTELOPE in effect provides an on demand data link between data processing centres, users, archival services and service companies.

Microlink service is available in major Alberta centers such as Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer with slower Centrex "Switched 56" service available in smaller centers such as Grande Prairie. The cost of Microlink service is approximately equivalent to two business voice lines and there are no toll charges for local calls. Toll charges for long distance are identical to a voice call. These dial up services use existing copper wiring so there is no costly installation. Both ISDN Microlink and "Switched 56" dial up services are available throughout Canada, United States, Europe and much of the rest of the world. Hence a single installation can provide a dial up connection to anywhere in the world where these services are available.

For more information, please contact L. Paul Dennis at KERNEL (264-5454), David Brandreth at Clarion (294-1557) or Ruth Ferry at Rigel (267-3038).

East Asian Oil & Gas Symposium

The Institute for International Research and the Canadian Energy Research Institute have combined to present the East Asian Oil and Gas Symposium, to be held November 14, 15, and 16 at the Palliser Hotel, Calgary. Twenty six speakers from East Asia, the United States and Canada will provide new information and perspectives on country risk, energy development opportunities, energy infrastructure, fiscal and regulatory policies, legal requirements for foreign investment, and business relations. Special sessions will focus on the geopolitical considerations in the region, ties to the global energy markets, and prospects for energy development in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Viet Nam – with case studies provided by energy companies active in those countries. A special full-day session well be devoted to the energy situation and opportunities in China.

To register or for further information call toll free 1-800-461-2398.

Software Vendors and Energy Companies Plan to Commercialize Common Data Model Products

ERC Tigress Inc., and Landmark Graphics Corporation, together with Chevron Petroleum Technology Company, a division of Chevron U.S.A., Inc., and Texaco Inc. recently announced the results of Phase I and II of their joint project evaluating how the Epicentre relational data model, developed by Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation (POSC), can be used for sharing data between software brand applications.

Call for Papers International Symposium on Sequence Stratigraphy in Southeast Asia

The Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) presents an International Symposium on Sequence Stratigraphy in S.E. Asia to be held May 16-18, 1995 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The symposium will consist of 2 days of lecture sessions followed by a full day of poster sessions and workshops. Lecture sessions will comprise a presentation by lecture leaders and submitted papers. Poster and workshop presentations will emphasize "hands-on" interpretation of data from various sources, and they are intended to encourage audience participation. All sessions will be organized and directed by recognized experts in the field of sequence stratigraphy. As appropriate, field trips will be organized to precede or follow the symposium.

Anyone interested in submitting abstracts, or requiring further information can contact the Indonesian Petroleum Association, International Symposium on Sequence Stratigraphy in Southeast Asia, J1. M. Ikhwan Ridwan Rais e, Jakarta 10110, Indonesia or Fax: (62-21) 375228

Middle East Partnership Conference '95

The Middle East partnership Conference '95 will be held in Dubai, March 24th to 28th, 1995. The conference will be running in conjunction with the United Arab Emirates Chamber of Commerce and that of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Topics from the Oil and Gas Industry section to be discussed are: looking at investments in new projects in the middle east and around the globe; partnership in pipeline construction, offshore oil and gas rigs and petro Chemical plants; gas prices versus oil prices; the new impact of information technology in the industry; how to select the right partner for the right project; refineries and foreign contracts; and new advances in the plastics and polymer processing industry.

Further information can be obtained through Mr. E. Dayan, Morgan Ross International, Bastion House, 140 London Wall, London EC2Y5DN, or phone (44 71) 696-6000 or fax (4471) 417-9393.

Delphi Consortium to Benefit from Agreement Between CogniSeis and University of Delft

CogniSeis has entered into an agreement with the University of Delft in the Netherlands to supply 2D and 3D Focus seismic processing software to the newly established centre of Technical Geoscience under the directorship of Professor A.J. Berkhout.

The software will be used as a teaching and development tool within both the Faculty of Applied Physics and the Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering. In addition, members of the industry sponsored Delphi Consortium will benefit by being able to receive research results as a Focus module.

Flotek Appoints Senior Oil Service Company Executive as President, Canadian Sales Group

Wm. R. McKay, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Flotek Industries Inc., and Larry Shaben, President of Petrovalve International Inc., are very pleased to announce that the final element of the Petrovalve Phase I Executive Team is now in place with the appointment of the President of Petrovalve Canada Limited, based in Calgary. The new President, Mr. R.W. (Bob) Pollock, is an extremely well-known and highly thought of figure within the Canadian petroleum industry. He has a most distinguished career of 37 years within the Canadian and International oil industry, including President of Halliburton Canada Ltd. from 1982 to 1990. Most recently, Mr. Pollock headed up Halliburton's corporate activities in Europe and Africa, based in London. The additions of Mr. Pollock as President of the Company's Canadian Sales Group, along with the recent appointment of Mr. Manuel Chacin of Caracas, Venezuela as Director of Flotek, mark extremely important steps forward in the emerging growth of Flotek and its wholly-owned subsidiary Petrovalve International Inc.

Chevron Software Links with TIGRESS

ERC Tigress Limited, a member of the PGS Group, has successfully ported proprietary software developed by the Chevron Petroleum Technology Company, a division of Chevron U.S.A., Inc., into its open architecture TIGRESSTM (The Integrated Geoscience and Reservoir Engineering Software System) during Chevron's field trial of TIGRESS.

Geotechnica Colognemay 3 - 5, 1995: International AWS Conference at Geotechnica

Visitors to the geotechnica Congress in KolnMesse's Congress Centre West, from May 3 - 5, 1995 can expect 66 individual lectures during the three days of the event. Speakers from 10 countries - including representatives from the leading geonations of Canada, France, Russia, Norway and the Netherlands as well as German experts, will be speaking about their research findings and practical experiences in the key areas of the central theme "Geosciences and geotechnology in the field of tension between economy and ecology". As at previous events, the organizer is the Alfred Wegener Foundation (AWS), Bonn.

In addition to the congress, geotechnica expects around 600 exhibiting companies and institutes on the basis of the number of registrations already received. In line with its expansion, the International Trade Fair and Congress for Geosciences and Geotechnology will now occupy exhibition space of 25,000 sq.m.

The detailed geotechnica Congress 1995 (May 3 - 5) programme, listing all the speakers, themes and dates will be available towards the end of October. It can be ordered along with the registration documents from : geotechnica KongreJ3agentur, Postfach 250263, D-50518 Cologne, Tel.: 221/92182525, Fax: 221/79218254.

CogniSeis and HP to Offer Geophysical Data Processing Solutions to Oil and Gas Industry

CogniSeis is pleased to announce that it has signed a strategic agreement with Hewlett-Packard to offer workstation-based geophysical data processing solutions to the exploration and production segment of the oil and gas industry.

Under the terms of the agreement, CogniSeis will make its 2-D and 3-D seismic processing software applications available on HP 9000 Series 700 workstations. In addition, CogniSeis will become an HP Channel Partner and supply its customers with turnkey seismic processing systems based on HP workstations.

CogniSeis' Disco and Focus seismic processing systems are expected to be available for all models of the HP Series 700 workstation family, from the entry level Model 712 to the high end Model 735/125.

The CogniSeis/HP seismic processing solution will be demonstrated at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) convention in Los Angeles, California, October 23-27,1994.

MicroSeis Technology Ltd. Announces the Release of OUTRIDER 4.1

OUTRIDER 4.1 simplifies interpretation in complex structural areas by allowing interpreters to combine interpretation, ray traced depth conversion and forward modelling. The new Circular Modelling approach allows the interpreter to upgrade interpretations, manipulate data and do both forward and inverse modelling without leaving the OUTRIDER program.

OUTRIDER 4.1 is fully modularized and contains all the "Windows" functions including scrollable screens and an on-line context sensitive Help system. The 4.1 Release includes many new functions including the capability to produce bit-mapped seismic attribute displays and velocity maps, including RMS maps calculated from the model velocities. Also new in 4.1 is the full Wavefront Modelling capability using "fast" or full diffraction calculations.

For information on OUTRIDER 4.1 contact Steve Lynch, Phone: (604) 769-4490, Fax: (604) 769-3833.



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