Wendy Findlay and Keith Martens are once again working for a company called Gardiner. This time it is Gardiner Exploration Limited, a private oil company funded and managed by previous members of Gardiner Oil and Gas. You can reach Wendy at 234-6511 and Keith at 234-6512 or either by FAX at 234-6520.

8th Arab Oil & Gas Show, October 18-22 1997, Dubai World Trade Centre, United Arab Emirates

Cosmos Pacific Investment & Consulting Inc. is the exclusive Canadian organizer of the bi-annual Arab Oil & Gas Show. The show features the technology, services and equipment associated with the exploration, extraction, processing, storage and transport of oil and gas.

Several Arab states are substantially expanding their oil and gas sectors through the construction of new pipelines, processing plants, petrochemical facilities and wells. There are also ongoing contracts available for maintenance and refurbishment programs as well as new cleanup and environmental projects.

The Arab Oil & Gas Show provides a platform for networking with business and government leaders from the Caspian Region (centering around Azerbaijan, nicknamed the "New Middle East"), which has the potential to be the world's 3rd largest oil exporter. The time is ripe for Canadian companies to join the recent signing of production sharing agreements.

Cosmos Pacific Investment & Consulting Inc. operates its own Pavilion which displays the products and services of Canadian companies at the trade shows held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, including the Gulf Arab Oil & Gas Show.

Companies interested in participating in the 1997 Arab Oil & Gas Show should contact:

Dr. George S. Chrysomilides
President & CEO Cosmos Pacific Investment & Consulting Inc.
2628 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3H8
Tel: (604) 731-9663
Fax: (604) 263-1652
Email: cpic@cosmospacific.bc.ca

For Additional information refer to our Web Site at: www.direct.ca/cosmos/

Minerals Colloquium 1998 Geological Survey of Canada

January 19-21, 1998, Ottawa Congress Centre.

Geological Survey of Canada, Room 686-601 Booth Street, Ottawa, Ontario KIA OE8

Telephone: (613) 992-1600;
Fax: (613) 996-9820


Coin Creates New Industry for Albertans

May 13, 1997 CALGARY. Calgary's NRI On-Line Inc. is proud to announce the launch of COIN - Computerized On-Line Interactive Network, a data storage and retrieval system for the oil and gas sector that utilizes cutting edge technology and inventive partnerships with other Alberta companies.

COIN provides high volume data location and transcription, high density storage and high speed retrieval delivery of data. COIN also provides interactive data management and workflow processing necessary for the important archival needs of the oil and gas industry.

Using fibre optics, a new copy process and a powerful medium, COIN can store massive volumes of data and organize it in an open system that allows the user greater and faster accessibility. The bandwidth of the fibre allows users the fastest retrieval and storage of information. Information is protected with access limited to appointed users and will be completely backed up at an off-site facility.

COIN clients include Talisman, Fletcher, Mobil, Parex Group, Shell Brunei, Sigma Exploration, Ql Consultants, Rocky Mountain Data and Varidata.

Spectrum Selected for CDA Hard Copy Services

Common Data Access Limited (CDA) and QC Data (UK) Limited (QC Data) announced recently the selection of Spectrum Energy and Information Technology as preferred hard copy services provider for the cataloguing, rationalization and scanning of UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) well logs. Spectrum will also be working with Robertson Research International Limited to incorporate existing scanned well log images and associated well reports into the CDA database. The contract will be issued by QC Data who currently mange CDA's digital well log system and who will enhance the system to manage the hard copy well data provided by Spectrum.

Lois Decker wishes to let all her friends and colleagues know that following a 25 year career at Amoco Canada Petroleum Co. Ltd. she has formed her own oil and gas exploration consulting company called Blade Ideas Ltd. Lois can be reached at (403) 243-0693 and is immediately available in the capacity as a Geoscience/Geophysical Specialist in technical computer support services, Thank you.

Inter-Can '97 is Making News

The Canadian Association of the World Petroleum Congresses has just selected INTER-CAN '97: The Calgary Oil & Gas Show as the Canadian launch site of their marketing initiatives for the 16th World Petroleum Congress to be held in Calgary in the year 2000.

This event will feature the national debut of Canada's exhibit, headed for participation at the 15th World Petroleum Congress in Beijing, China in October 1997, and other international exhibitions.

Inuvaialuit Petroleum Corp. Announces Positive Test Results at Ikhil, N.W.T.

The Inuvaialuit Petroleum Corp. (IPC) announced the results of its recent production test of the IPC Ikhil K-35 well located 30 miles northwest of the town of Inuvik, N.W.T. Originally drilled in 1986, the well was re-entered and tested by IPC in March of this year in order to evaluate the feasibility of supplying Inuvik with natural gas.

The well test indicated a 6 metre thick sand with very high permeability of 1.7 darcies extending over an area of 322 hectares. Reserves in place are estimated at 15 billion cubic feet (bcf) and the stabilized well head deliverability is estimated to be 22.7 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd). This rate is approximately 10 times the estimated average daily energy consumption rate for lnuvik and more than double the estimated peak daily rate. At the average consumption rate the reserves in place would provide almost 18 years of supply. The test also confirmed the absence of formation water and natural gas liquids. This will allow the gas to be chilled and transported to lnuvik through a subsurface pipeline.

Negotiation of a gas purchase contract with the North West Territories Power Corporation as well as negotiation of a franchise agreement with the town of lnuvik will take place over the next few months prior to commitments being made for equipment and services for next winter's seismic and drilling programs.

Calgary based AltaGas Services Inc. has signed a letter of intent to participate in the construction, ownership and operation of the gas processing facilities and the pipeline.

The successful completion of this project will provide significant economic benefits for the residents of Inuvik through lower energy costs and direct employment and business opportunities. All fuel used in lnuvik is presently imported from southern Canada despite the presence of vast reserves of oil and natural gas in the Beaufort - MacKenzie Delta region. The project will also provide increased security of energy supply and reduced environmental degradation.

The Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services, is pleased to announce the activation of the new e-mail domain camese.org

All addresses are in the format of lastname@camese.org. If you are unsure of what you need you can send general inquiries to minesupply@camese.org.

Exploration Innovations Inc. (EI) geophysical services company was purchased March 25, 1997, by Ted Grove. EI rents work stations to geophysical consultants and oil companies, and provides seismic data processing through its subsidiary, EI Processing Inc.



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