SERCEL Establishes a New Organization

SERCEL has appointed Pascal ROUILLER as Senior Executive Vice President of the Group and Jean-Maurice DALONGEVILLE as Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary. Jean-Maurice DALONGEVILLE was previously the Investor Relations & Audit Manager of Compagnie Generale de Geophysique.

Following these appointments, Bob ALBERS has been named Executive Vice President in charge of the Strategic Development of the Group, George WOOD is appointed Executive Vice President of SERCEL Inc., the America subsidiary of the Group. In the same time Raymond BASSET is named head of the NANTES (France) site keeping also his responsibility of the Manufacturing activity and Ron HAWKINS is named head of the TULSA (OK) site. Bob ALBERS was previously Executive Vice President of SERCEL Inc. and George WOOD responsible of the TULSA site. All these nominations take effect from October the 1st, 1998.

SERCEL sets up a new service for Vibrator Spare Parts ordering in the Western Hemisphere.

SERCEL in Ponca City (OK) offers now a new service for Vibrator Spare Parts ordering to its customers. David BELLAH (Spare Parts Manager) and Theresa LANE (Spare Parts Assistant) are ready to satisfy every order of spare parts for vibrators coming from customers based in the Western Hemisphere. One phone number: (+1) 580 763 0000.

New Nett D-Series Catalysts Receive 1998 Oemmie Award Nett D-Series Catalysts Have Won a 1998 Oemmie Award for Modern Innovative Engineering

Nett Technologies Inc. introduced the new D-Series diesel catalyst formulations to be used in the Nett line of emission control products for off-highway diesel engines. The D-Series catalysts represent the most advanced catalyst technology designed for high reductions of diesel particulate and hydrocarbon emissions, as well as diesel odor. Diesel engines are characterized by relatively low exhaust gas temperatures. Effective catalytic emission control of hydrocarbons (He) is, therefore, a problem in most light duty diesel applications. All emission control catalysts require high exhaust gas temperatures to perform efficiently. That problem has been resolved in the D-Series Nett catalysts by incorporating zeolite-based hydrocarbon trapping materials into the catalyst washcoat. Zeolites, known also as molecular sieves, have the ability to absorb hydrocarbons at low temperatures and release them at high temperatures, where the catalyst operates with high efficiency. Thus, the D-Series catalysts allow the benefits of diesel oxidation catalysts to extend into low temperature regions, where the conventional catalysts remain inactive.

Philips LMS Offers Efficient Data Storage Solution for Oil and Gas Industry – NCTP Responds To Industry Needs

Philips Laser Magnetic Storage (LMS) offers an efficient and affordable solution to recent challenges in data storage technology - its new Next Compatible Tape Product (NCTP). Unlike other options, NCTP tape drives are backward compatible with older tape technologies, allowing for faster retrieval of legacy data. NCTP's backward compatibility means significant cost and time savings for those involved in oil and gas exploration.

With millions of IBM 3480 and 3490E tape cartridges in use throughout the industry and new tape formats introduced every year, end-users need assurance that their legacy data is still accessible. NCTP offers that assurance and more.

Backwards compatible with 18- and 36-track technology, Philips LMS NCTP tape drives are ideal for increasing data transfer for backups, archival, HSM, and near on-line storage. They can transfer an impressive 36GB per hour for each drive, and their high capacity, half-inch cartridges hold 18GB native and 54GB average using LZ data compression.

The NCTP delivers more than three times the transfer rate of current 3490E tape drives; it can read the old tapes and has more than 22 times the capacity of the 3490E. Using NCTP, unattended backup is possible and tape cartridge handling is minimized.

Offshore Nova Scotia Deepwater 2-D Seismic Survey Available From Western Geophysical

Western Geophysical announced today the availability of Phase 1 of its offshore Nova Scotia 2-D non-exclusive seismic survey in deepwater areas of eastern Canada. Phase 1 consists of approximately 2500 km of high-quality, long-offset data extending off the Scotian shelf into these highly prospective deepwater provinces.

Western will begin delivering processed Phase 1 data in September. An additional 7000 km of data have been acquired during the 1998 season. Release dates for the additional program will be announced.

Spectrum Wins BP Document Conversion Contract

Spectrum Data Management, a division of Woking based Spectrum Energy and Information Technology Limited, has been awarded a contract to scan technical reports and produce an electronic filing system for BP Exploration, Spectrum announced recently.

Under the contract, awarded by BP Exploration Operating Company Ltd. (Sunbury), Spectrum will scan and index approximately 2,800 Technical and Well Reports for one of BP's "New Venture" projects. The total amount of paper being scanned is in the region of 500,000 pages, of which approximately 10%, is colour. The reports include maps, diagrams, geological cross sections and many other complex technical documents.

Spectrum will undertake the project at the company's Manchester bureau which is currently engaged on a number of large scanning projects, both for oil companies and other organizations. Scanned documents will be delivered as a complete stand-alone electronic filing system on CD-ROMs.

Spectrum will also apply OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to all the technical reports to produce text documents as well as document images. This will enable BP's staff to search for required documents not only using their existing database information but also by the actual content of the reports. BP's technicians can search on criteria such as the names of oil fields, geographic province, geological formation or any other criteria.

Core Laboratories to Acquire Integra Geoservices Inc.

Core Laboratories announced recently that it plans to acquire all the outstanding shares of Integra Geoservices Inc., a Calgary-based Company. The transaction is expected to close on 31 August 1998, pending additional due diligence and other customary closing conditions.

Integra provides specialised seismic processing used to characterize and describe petroleum reservoirs. Its services include AVO and seismic inversion techniques, in addition to the complete range of 2D and 3D seismic processing services. When coupled with other reservoir description data from Core Laboratories, these seismic techniques can be used as powerful tools for detailed stratigraphic modeling and predictions of petroleum reservoir quality. Integra, which has a strong reputation for providing these specialized services in the Canadian market, will continue to operate under its own name. International expansion of Integra services will be guided by Scott Pickford, Core's U.K.-based provider of reservoir management services.

JEBCO and KP acquire 2D survey

JEBCO Seismic (UK) Limited, in association with KP Seismic Canada Ltd., are pleased to announce the acquisition of their most recent 3,000 km 2D survey offshore East Coast of Canada. Being directly analogous to the neighbouring Jeanne D'Arc Basin with its string of significant discoveries including Hibernia, Tempest, Whiterose, Ben Nevis and Terra Nova, the North Flemish Pass Basin has until now remained virtually unexplored. This has been primarily due to water depths down to 1,100m which were considered technically and commercially prohibitive until recently. Advances in deep water technology combined with the latest seismic imaging techniques open this large, highly prospective region to commercial exploitation for the first time. The posting of five Blocks for licensing this year is an indication of the renewed activity throughout this presently unlicensed Basin. Data over the nominated Blocks are being processed on board the vessel to provide data in sufficient time to support applications. These data will be available on completion of acquisition anticipated end July; with the processing completion of the entire dataset anticipated in Q3 1998.

Jim White Promoted to Western Geophysical Vice President

Jim White has been promoted to vice president, multi-client data library, Western Hemisphere, for Western Geophysical. He will be responsible for operating Western's seismic data licensing activities as a consolidated business unit, and continue to be based in Western's Houston Headquarters.

Richard Degner Promoted to Western Geophysical Vice President, Latin America Onshore Operations.

Richard Degner has been promoted to vice president, Latin America onshore operations. He will continue to be based in Western's Houston headquarters.

GeoQuest and Guardian Data Form Management Services Alliance

July, 1998 GeoQuest and Guardian Data Seismic have signed an alliance designating Guardian Data Seismic as a preferred partner for seismic transcription services for GeoQuest customers. Because exploration and production (E&P) companies increasingly recognize the importance of effectively administering their expanding volumes of data, the alliance will offer technology and services for managing reports, seismic tapes, seismic sections and associated observer logs.

The alliance will enhance GeoQuest's seismic data management offering, providing customers with expert teams to recover and transcribe their seismic data onto more modem media. Then the media can be accessed near line using GeoQuest's SeisDb seismic trace storage and archival system for a total data management solution.

Australia North West Shelf Interpreted Lithology Project (ANWIL)

Scott Pickford, the integrated geoscience consultancy, now part of the Core Laboratories Group, is pleased to announce the commencement of its latest Interpreted Lithology Project. This non-exclusive project focuses on the Bonaparte Basin in the Timor Sea Region of the Australia North West Shelf and has been sponsored by BHP Petroleum PTY Limited, The Shell Company of Australia and Woodside Offshore Petroleum PTY. The Australian North West Shelf Interpreted Lithology Project (ANWIL) extends the Scott Pickford Interpreted Lithology Projects outside the NW Europe area of the previous five successful studies.

Input/Output Elects Chris E. Wolfe Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Input/Output (NYSE:I/O) recently announced the election of Chris E. Wolfe to the positions of vice president, general counsel and secretary.

Veritas Prepares to Launch On-Line Services

Veritas GeoServices Ltd., a Veritas DGC company, is preparing to launch two new services for the Calgary oil and gas industry as part of their overall On-Line Services Strategy. The first service offers secure highspeed client access to live public and proprietary Oracle databases managed remotely by Veritas. The second service offers clients a means to easily browse their public and proprietary data securely using Internet and GIS technology, combining the familiar web browser interface (Netscape or Internet Explorer) with a click and a query map.

The live Oracle service allows clients to connect their internal or third party Oracleaware applications across secure PVC's (permanent virtual circuits) in the Calgary fiber cloud to powerful servers located in the Veritas computer room. Appearing as if the data source were local, users and their applications pull data from Veritas across the PVC, eliminating the need for manual transfer of data tapes, data loading, hardware management or assigning resources to certain data issues.

The Veritas browser allows clients to use a simple and familiar tool to view and query large volumes of land sale, seismic trade (with a thumbnail QI section) and well data across Canada using a well-known map metaphor. By using Internet technology, clients will not have to load, update or manage any software, hardware or data locally; the browser can be customized to securely view proprietary data on a map interface.

Production service for the hub and browser is scheduled for a September 1998 release.

Local Businessman honoured with Karol Bohdanowicz Medal

Geophysical Micro Computer Applications (International) Ltd. Recently announced Ron Newman, President and CEO of GMA International was awarded the Karol Bohdanowicz Medal for his outstanding contributions to polish geology and geophysics. During the East Meets West Conference of "Modem Exploration and Improved Gas Recovery Methods", in Krakow, Poland, a gala black tie dinner was held, at the Wiekiczka salt mine (a UNESCO world heritage site) attended by many senior polish dignitaries, honouring Mr. Newman, a graduate of University of British Columbia (BSC 1970 Geology and Geophysics).

CGPA/PJVA 5th Annual Joint Convention: Successful Strategies for the evolving Canadian Gas Business

Tuesday November 3rd, 1998
Westin Hotel
Calgary, Alberta

The North American Gas Strategies Conference: On the Edge Of Change, Opportunities in the Gas Business
October 19 - 20, 1998
Calgary, Alberta

As the newest multi-element vessel in the Veritas fleet, the Viking is designed to be able to deploy in excess of twelve streamers, although initially the vessel will be configured with dual sources and eight, 24-bit RDA streamers. The Viking also addresses the latest geophysical requirements for extra-long recording offsets by being able to handle and tow several 12,000-meter streamers. The vessel is equipped with the latest SYNTRAK data acquisition systems, SPECTRA integrated navigation, advanced onboard data processing systems, and full quality assurance capabilities.

The Viking was built by Mjellem & Karlssen in Bergen, Norway and is owned by Eidesvik A/S. The vessel was christened by Val Robson, wife of Veritas DGC Chairman and CEO Dave Robson.

Veritas DGC Inc. (NYSE:VTS), headquartered in Houston, is a provider of land, transition zone and marine-based seismic data acquisition, seismic data processing, and multi-client data sales to the petroleum industry. Veritas DGC operates seven divisions in selected markets worldwide and, based on revenue, is the fifth-largest geophysical services provider.



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