Arcis Operating ARAM-Aries Equipment

The Arcis Corporation is pleased to announce the acquisition of an ARAM Aries Seismic Recording System. Complementing the existing 6400 channels are 2800+ lightweight Aries Channels and lightweight Aries 2D and 3D Cables. With the Aries equipment, Arcis is now operating the lightest seismic acquisition equipment in the industry. Arcis believes operating the lightest equipment reduces fatigue, accidents and downtime resulting in higher production at a lower cost. Informational seminars on this latest techno logy will be offered through Arcis' Geophysical Division for those interested. For further information, please contact Eric Mikkelborg, Marketing Manager for Arcis Geophysical at 212-1697 or on his cell phone at 862-8412.

Exploration Consultants Limited (ECL) Announces New Marketing Group

A new marketing group has been created at ECL due to a recent merger between ECL and Decollement Consulting Ltd. The ECL marketing group will consist of staff both from ECL's Houston and Calgary offices. The following is a list of marketing personnel:

  • Seismic Acquisition and Processing QC Services - Dietrich Landis (Houston) and Randy Smith
  • International Multi-client Geological Studies and Reports - Randy Smith
  • Wellsite Geological Supervision Domestic - Bob Dick, Larry Barkley, Ken Parker and Randy Smith
  • Wellsite Geological Supervision International - Geoff Say and Dietrich Landis (Houston)

For all your needs in upstream consulting please call ECL in Calgary at (403) 263-0449 or ECL in Houston at (713) 784-5800.



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