Ric’s Grill

(Steak Seafood & Chop House)

Finally, it looks like summer is about to arrive. Football is just around the corner which usually leads us to think of all things steak and seafood! Luckily for all of us a relatively new place in town will provide all of the above at a decent price with outstanding quality. So let me see, what we want is AAA rated beef plus fresh seafood flown in daily, right? If that’s the case then Ric’s is the place that we are looking for!

Ric’s Grill can be found at 1436 Eighth Street SW just north of Mount Royal Village. Set up as a chophouse style restaurant and bar/lounge, Ric’s provides an atmosphere that is at the same time private but energized with a combination of large comfy booths plus single tables. The amber glass overhead lighting plus stained glass accents give the interior a warm atmosphere that allows you to relax and enjoy your meal.

Speaking of which it’s time to get to dinner so without further ado we looked at our special sheet and menus and started to make some decisions. OK first problem, this is a very extensive menu with lots of options! After chasing the server away several time we finally settled on Oysters Rockefeller plus Prawns and Scallops with Wasabi Lime butter. Now the first needs very little explanation being that wonderful combination of oysters, spinach, parmesan cheese and Mornay sauce baked on a half shell. Our second appetizer was sautéed Prawns and Scallops served with fresh lime juice and wasabi infused butter. I wish I had come up with this combination on my own but I guarantee that I will be stealing it for future dishes!

In between the appetizers and main courses we took time to check out the wine list which has something for everyone on it. Broken down by country, style type and price it is sure to have a wine that will appeal to everyone. For dinner we chose an Amano Primativo which is the Italian grandfather of the Californian Zinfandel. With a hint of spice, black pepper and red berry flavors it proved to be an ample companion for our meal.

So with that in mind it was time to pick that very dinner and in keeping with the steak and seafood theme we decided upon a 6oz. filet wrapped with bacon and served with a Béarnaise sauce. The second choice was "Black and Blue Tuna", a 7oz blacked Ahi grade tuna steak served blue rare with ginger-wasabi butter. Both dishes come with choices of rice pilaf, several types of potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a soup or salad starter. Add to this a small loaf of fresh baked bread to die for and you have two ‘very’ settled and happy patrons!

Finally since there was still a sliver of room in our stomachs we decided to share some Crème Brule. Made with sliced almonds it filled every last bit of room left! The list changes so be sure to ask your server what is available at the start of dinner in order to plan to leave room!

So that’s it for another dinner and another year of the Gourmet in the RECORDER. Give Ric’s a try, you won’t be disappointed with your evening! I’d love to hear any suggestions over the summer at sgourmet@telus.net and we’ll see you in the fall with some new and out of the way spots to dine!

Ric’s Grill
(Steak Seafood & Chop House)

1436 Eighth Street SW
(403) 269-7427

Food ****

Service *****

Price $15.00 – 32.00



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