RICHARD LEWANSKI has moved on to bigger and better or should we say smaller and better things. Richard is the new President/Geophysicist at Amber Energy Inc., a new and well financed junior oil company. He can be reached at 237-9977.

ANDY VERNON is the newest member over at Prime Brokerage Consultants. Should you need to speak with Andy phone 290-1121.

ANDY ST. ONGE is now over at Chauvco Resources Ltd. You can get a hold of Andy by phoning 231-3100.

CHRIS KUBE has returned to Calgary after a year of travelling to join the exploration team at Norcen Energy Resources as a Senior Geophysicist. 231-0417 will put you in touch with Chris.

As of March 25, 1993, Elan Energy Inc. purchased OMV (Canada) Ltd. KEN LAMERS has joined Elan as Senior Geophysicist. Any questions regarding OMV or Elan’s geophysical business can be directed to Ken at 266-8569.

Well that’s all she wrote for this month. Remember the June issue will be the last until September so get that important “Tracing” info to me as soon as possible.



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