Norbert Bernoth and David Wolf are pleased to announce the formation of Apoterra Seismic Processing Ltd. located at 809, 505 - 4th Avenue S.W. Norbert and David, both formerly of Geo-X Systems Ltd., cumulatively have over 24 years experience processing 2-D and 3-D seismic volumes. Apoterra will be using Focus seismic processing software from CogniSeis to provide a complete suite of 2-D processing applications. Norbert and David can be reached at 261-0681 or fax 261-0690.

David Mitrovica wishes to announce that he has joined the management consulting firm of Ernst & Young in Calgary.

Following the Sloan Fellowship Masters Programme at the London Business School and fifteen years as a geophysicist, David will be involved in studies ranging from bench marking of upstream oil and gas operations and thermal heavy oil plants to management training in emerging markets. David would welcome your calls and he may be reached at 232-2266.

Keith Wilkinson has now joined Enertec Geophysical Services Limited. He comes with over 11 years of experience at Shell Canada and is currently responsible for implementing enhanced structural processing capabilities at Enertec. Also joining the team if Kent Milani as their marketing representative for the processing division. Both Keith and Kent can be reached at 233- 7830.

PowerProbe Geophysics Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Dominic Kao as Senior Geophysical Consultant. Dr. Kao graduated from McGill University with a M.Sc. in Solid State Physics and received a Ph.D. in Geophysics from the University of Alberta in 1976. Dr. Kao will assist in data interpretation, ongoing research and projects at PowerProbe. To get in touch with Dr. Kao call 228-9448 or fax 245-0497.

Kasia Mushinski is a new broker in the industry with GeoSearch Data. She can be reached at 237-0885.

I would like to mention that Gord Breckenridge with Kary Data Consultants Ltd. will now be writing the column "Tracing The Industry" as of September.

Well that's all the tracing for this month. I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful summer.



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