Hello again, I hope all had a good summer. Here is the latest news on who's on the move.

George Palmer left his position as President of Photon Systems Ltd . Doug Paul has taken over the General Manager responsibilities for Canada. Congrats Doug and all the best George.

Claude Gamache has joined the staff at Stampeder Exploration Ltd. Claude will be managing Stampeder's seismic acquisitions as well as doing some interpretation. Claude was previously consulting for Spectrum Geophysical. Claude can be reached at 233-6591 or fax at 265-4362. All the best·Claude.

Ed Stacey would like all his friends and colleagues to know that he has moved to Petro-Canada, as a Staff Geophysicist. Ed can be reached at 2968454, fax at 296-6862, or you can Email him at estacey@petro-canada.ca. Best of luck Ed.

Austin Powder is pleased to announce they have opened a new branch in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. For all your Saskatchewan Seismic needs you can contact Stan Brooks at (306) 693-4887 or 1-800-565-5566.

Boyd PetroSearch is pleased to announce that Dick Willot has joined the team as a Geophysical Consultant. Dick brings 25 years of industry experience in both domestic and international exploration. He can be reached at (403) 543-5387. Best of luck Dick.

Enertec Geophysical Services Ltd. pleased to announce that Frank Howson has joined the Calgary team as a Senior Processor. Frank brings 20 years experience to the company. He can be reached at 233-7830. Barry LaRose is in the Calgary office for a few months to receive training with Enertec's processing system. Later he will move to one of the foreign offices as a Senior Processing Geophysicist. Grant Bolander moved to the Houston office in June on a temporary basis. His experience will be of great help in expanding the Houston operation. All the best to Frank, Barry and Grant.

Steven MacDonald has joined the team at MacDonald Cole Inc. He recently graduated from the University of Montana with a business Degree specializing in marketing. Steve will assist in the expansion of the geophysical marketing services. You can reach Steve at 271-6908. Congratulations Steve.

Sensor Geophysical would like to announce that Paul Sventek has joined the company. Paul brings over 15 years experience in geophysical data processing, 2D and 3D. You can get in touch with Paul at 237-7711 or fax at 237-7881. Congrats Paul.

Tom Christianson has moved over to the Kaybob team at Norcen Energy Resources Ltd. from Fletcher Challenge Petroleum Inc. Tom can be reached at 231-0111. All the best Tom.

Darren Kondrat can now be found at Crestar Energy Inc. Darren was previously with Unocal Canada Exploration Ltd. 231-6700 will put you in touch with Darren. Best of luck Darren.

Integra Geoservices Inc. is pleased to announce that Earl Heather has joined the company as a Processing Geophysicist. Earl brings over 20 years industry experience to Integra. He can be reached at 294-5132. Congratulations Earl.

Paul Hebert, Vice President of EI Processing Inc., is pleased to announce that EI Processing Inc. and Digital Seismic Services have joined forces to offer a full range of 2D and 3D processing. Meenaz Rajan and Lynne Wortman are extremely pleased to become part of EI Processing Inc. and can be reached at 264-1600.

Apoterra Seismic Processing is pleased to announce that John Simmonds has recently joined their seismic processing team. John brings 20 years experience in geophysics and processing 2-D and 3-D seismic volumes. John can be reached at 261-0681 or fax 261-0690. Congrats John.

That's all for now folks, remember if your on the move or planning to move drop me a note. Call 262-7021 or fax at 262-1392. Bye for now.



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