Hello, Complements of the Season to all.

Robert Thorburn wishes to announce that he is back from Houston and will be the Technical Director of Geophysics at Amoco Canada. All the best Robert.

Petrolane Consulting Ltd. is pleased to announce that John Mercier has joined the firm as Operations Manager. John brings to the company 25 years of field experience in Canada. John can be reached at 269-3144. Congratulations John.

The Excalibur-Gemini Group is pleased to announce that Janice Hay has joined the company to manage the newly formed Information Management Group. The new group will specialize in geophysical inventory audits, upgrades, and ongoing geophysical information management services. Janice can be contacted at 264-8850. All the best Janice.

As well the Excalibur-Gemini Group is pleased to announce that Barrie Mori has joined the Survey Processing Group as a Survey Technician. Barrie can be reached at 264-8850. Congratulations Barrie.

Enertec Geophysical is pleased to announce they have hired two recent university graduates for the Calgary processing office. Both Sharon Cholowsky, with a degree in Engineering Physics, and Barry Barker an Engineering Geophysics Graduate, are very welcome additions to Enertec's growing professional staff. Congratulations Sharon and Barry.

Appoterra Seismic Processing is pleased to announce that Jim Laing has joined the seismic processing team. Jim brings 13 years' experience in geophysics and 2D/3D processing. Jim can be reached at 261-0681 or fax at 261-0690. All the best Jim.

Statcom Ltd would like to announce that Doug Gillrie has joined the sales team.

Doug was previously at Exssel. You can reach Doug at 265-4111 or fax at 266-1517. Best of Luck Doug.

Alan Starkoski has joined the exploration team over at Archer Resources Ltd. as Senior Geophysicist. Alan was previously with Westward Energy Ltd. 298-5568 will put you in touch with Alan. All the best Alan.

Now for a couple of large moves:

Integra Geoservices has moved to the 17th Floor of the old Norcen Tower. Their new address is 17th Floor, 715 - 5th Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2P 2X6. Phone and fax number will remain the same or you can email them at integra@cadvision.com. Please drop by for a tour.

Jason Geosystems has moved to Bow Valley Square effective Nov. 1, 1996. Their new address is 700, 250 - 6th Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2P 3H7. John Pendrel's number is unchanged at 263-3340.

Merry Christmas to all, have a Safe and Happy New Year!

Geophysically Yours,



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