Hello for another month, now for some news.

Doug Uffen would like all his friends and colleagues to know that he has joined the exploration team at Canadian Forest Oil Limited as Chief Geophysicist. Doug was previously at Boyd PetroSearch. You can reach Doug at (403) 292-8146 or fax at (403) 2928037. Congratulations Doug.

Dave Chown and Rob Wiens are now at Coherence Technology Canada. Both can be reached at (403) 777-4262. All the best Dave and Rob.

Geo-X Systems Ltd. is pleased to announce that Mike Perz has joined the programming team. Mike's expertise will be applied to geophysical research and development applications programming. Mike can be reached at (403) 781-2342, fax at (403) 264-1057 or Email at perzm@geo-x.com. Best of luck Mike.

That's all for this month. If your relocating let me know by calling (403) 262-7021 or fax at (403) 262-1392 and you can now Email me at gbreck@karydata.com.

Geophysically yours,
Gord Breckenridge



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