Well it has gone from a busy month to a slow month, so on with the news.

Enertec Geophysical Services is pleased to announce the recent arrivals of four employees to our growing processing staff. Anna-Marie Erickson with four years experience in the geophysical industry joins Enertec as a Junior Technician. Tom MacFarlane and Heath Pelletier, both recent university graduates join us as Junior Processors. Our new Senior Technician, Debi Shaver-Vernon joins Enertec with eleven years of valuable experience. They can be reached at (403) 233-7830, by Fax (403) 233-9368 or by e-mail: surnameinitial@ processing.ersgroup.com. Good luck to you all.

Canadian 88 wishes to announce that Tim Lakevold has joined their team as Junior Geophysicist. Tim would like his friends and colleagues to know that he can be reached at (403) 974-8889 or by fax at (403) 974-8811. Best of luck Tim.

Richard Thompson has now joined Cypress Energy Inc. as Chief Geophysicist. Richard brings years of experience to an active exploration company. You can reach Richard at (403) 294-1408 or via Fax (403) 263-7433. I wish you success with your new company Richard.

A correction is in order from last month, OutSource Seismic Consultants' e-mail address should have read outsource@cadvision.com, sorry for the inconvenience.

A thought to end by.

Fate: Is seeing two bricks baked together, from the same clay and furnace. One shall be laid on top of a spire and the other at the bottom of an outhouse.



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