The craziness of December has left us but so has the price of oil, well on with the news.

Baytex Energy Inc. is pleased to announce that Dennis Dunsmore has joined their team as Senior Geophysicist. Dennis brings over ten years of experience, most recently with Mobil, to an active and growing exploration oil and gas company. Dennis can be reached at (403) 781-0361 or via fax (403) 267-0771. Congratulations Dennis and good luck in your new position.

Geo-Search Data wishes to announce that Steve Kesler has recently moved into the position of Data Broker. Steve brings with him a background based in field operations and that he can be reached at (403) 237-0885, via fax (403) 265-8625 or via e-mail: All the best Steve.

Dave Levesque would like to announce to his friends and colleagues that he has moved back to Calgary after a two year assignment with Veritas Seismic in Houston to form his own company called Sage Seismic Processing Inc. Dave brings over ten years of processing experience, encompassing both domestic and international areas. Dave can be reached at (403) 543-1603, via fax (403) 543-1604 or via e-mail: I wish you the best with your new company Dave.

Merl Riemer has joined Poco Petroleums Ltd. as Senior Geophysicist. He will be responsible for the geophysics in the Monkman area of B.C. Foothills. Merl has been consulting for the last two years, specializing in structural prospects. He can be reached at (403) 260-6239 or via Fax (403) 269-8010. I wish you success with your new company Merl.

Thoughts to end by.

Fate: Is seeing two bricks baked together, from the same clay and furnace. One shall be laid on top of a spire and the other at the bottom of an outhouse.

Politics: A battle of self interests masquerading as a contest of principles.

That is all for this month.



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