It has been a real pleasure being a regular contributor for the CSEG RECORDER. I have had the opportunity to “meet” a number of people over the phone putting this column together each month. The 2004 CSEG National Convention starts May 10th, and I will be on the Exhibit Floor in the Lynx Seismic booth (#215). Drop by so I can meet you in person!

On the move...

Intercontinental Seismic Surveys is pleased to announce that Diane Dawson has been appointed President. Gloria Stenhouse will continue with Intercontinental as a Data Consultant. ISS specializes in “Brokering”, “Data Management”, and “Participation Surveys”. ISS currently owns a small data base that consist of seven (7) surveys and approximately 600 kilometers of 2D data which is immediately available. Diane can be reached at 233-8554 or

Lyndon Miller has joined Husky Energy as a Staff Geophysicist. He can be reached at 750-1402, email

Business has been at such a pace that Geosearch Data neglected to mention the addition of a senior broker (experience, not age) to its staff. We welcome Mr. Bill Hopewell who brings to us twenty-five years experience as a data consultant. Bill joins a staff also recently augmented by the addition of Mr. John Gorveatt, with sixteen years experience. Bill and John can be reached at 237-0885 or and Our brokerage staff now consists of John Brookes, Al Rak, Steve Kesler, Julia Kim and Theresa Kim, Bill Hopewell and John Gorveatt. More additions are expected as soon as they decide on office colours.

David Timko, formerly of BP Canada Energy, would like his colleagues and friends to know that he has joined Fugro-Jason as Chief Geophysicist of Fugro-Jason Middle East. Dave has relocated to Dubai. Dave’s contact information is:

LOB 15401
Jebel All Free Zone
P.O. Box 17729
LOB 15401
United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 881 9483
Mobile: +971 50 553 3971

Atul Nautiyal is the latest addition to the exploration staff at First Calgary Petroleums Ltd. Along with exploration responsibilities on Block 406a, he coordinates all seismic acquisition and processing for FCPLin Algeria. Atul can be reached at 264-6697 or

Petrovera Resources was recently acquired by Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. and PennWest Petroleum Ltd. As a result the following people have relocated.

  • Corey Hooge – now at CNRL as an Area Geophysicist in the southern district of Primary Heavy Oil. Corey can be reached at 260-6074 or
  • Bill Sawyers – now at CNRL as an Area Geophysicist in the northern district of Primary Heavy Oil.
  • Daleep Misri – now at CNRL as the District Geophysicist for the northern district of Primary Heavy Oil.
  • Leslie Carlyle-Ebert – now at PennWest Petroleum ph: 693-2841 or email:

John MacDonald would like to announce that he has joined EnCana Corporation as a geophysicist working in the Calgary Strathmore area. John can be reached at 645-8306 or by e-mail at

Dennis Dorval joined Talisman Energy in January 2004 as a Senior Geophysicist and will be exploring in the Edson area. He can be contacted at 237-4858 or

Charlene Radons is pleased to announce that she has joined Nexen Inc. as a geophysicist of the Yemen Operations Group. Charlene can be reached at or 699-4844.

Warren Pearson has left ExxonMobil and has joined Kinloch Resources Inc. as a Geophysicist. You can reach Warren at 218-6711 or email:

Megan Jubb would like her friends and colleagues to know that she has joined the exploration team at Guard Resources as Senior Geophysicist. Megan can be reached at 218-3393 or

Belinda Janse would like to let all her friends and colleagues know that she is now working at Geo-X Systems. Her email address is, and her phone number is 298-5618.

Polaris Explorer Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of Eric Hards as Business Development Geophysicist. Eric graduated with a B.Sc. in Geophysics in 1986 from the University of British Columbia and has 18 years of experience working in the geophysical service business, with 7 of those years as an account manager. Eric’s background includes geophysical data acquisition, seismic data processing and geophysical technology. Eric is registered with APEGGA as a professional geophysicist and is a member of the CSEG. Eric can be reached at 531-9739 or

Polaris Explorer Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Box, CSO, EMT-A, as Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Manager. Andrew brings with him a wealth of experience in a number of Western Canadian industries with an extensive background in occupational safety and emergency response management. He developed HSE programs on the Oil Sands for a variety of companies, served as an Emergency Medical Technician on air medevacs in Northern Alberta as well as with the Parks Canada Agency in Jasper and Yo h o National Parks. Andrew is a founding member of the Wood Buffalo Highway Safety Strategic Task Force. He was recognized in 2003 with the Alberta construction safety Pacesetter award. Andrew can be reached at 531-9739 or

Darrol Proskow is pleased to announce that he has joined the NW Plains team at Husky Energy as a geophysicist. He can be reach at 750-1766 or by email at

Chris Wakaruk has joined Kelman Technologies Inc. to oversee the creation of a new venture, KTI Media Services. This new group will provide standard tape copy and non-proprietary transcription services. Look for Chris at the KTI Booth during this year’s CSEG Convention to get further details or you can reach Chris at (403) 294- 3681 or email at

Whatever happened to…

We received the following update from Ken Gillespie:

It was 12 years ago I left the geophysical business because I wanted to stand in front of an easel and paint pictures. I had never sold a single painting at the time and a lot of people were giving me weird looks. Somehow though, I’m still going and it has become a thriving new career. I have a very cool studio on Main Street in Summerland BC, which I share with my partner Robyn Lake, who is also an artist. There is more about me and my art on my web site: or

I had a big show opening in Calgary on April 17 at Diana Paul Galleries (next to Hy’s). If anyone is through Summerland please drop in and say hi. Phone: 250-494-4923 email:

Greg Josiak has returned to Exxon Mobil Canada Ltd. following a two year assignment with ExxonMobil Malaysia Inc. in Kuala Lumpur. Greg joins the Western Canada Conventional Geoscience Team working primarily in Southern Alberta. Greg can be reached at 232-5259 or

Jo Ann Wickens has been consulting at various companies since the sale of Gascan Resources at the end of 2001. Three months ago Jo Ann accepted a position with GEDCO as their Technical Projects Coordinator. This was a consulting role for the first three months and as of March 1—Jo Ann is now an employee. Jo Ann has joined the interpretation team working on exploration and exploitation projects. Jo Ann is looking forward to this unique opportunity to work with such a diverse team of individuals. She can be reached at GEDCO, phone # 303-8694 / email

Can you help out…

Maria Teleptean of Purcell Energy Ltd. is helping out her colleague Anthony Graup, also of Purcell Energy, raise money for the 2004 Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour. Anthony has been doing this for 6 years and in 2003 he contributed $11,177 to the Calgary chapter of the MS Society. This year the Airdrie to Olds 200 Km Bike tour will be held June 12 and June 13. Anthony’s goal is to raise more than $12,000 for the MS Society. Maria asks the geophysical community to support Anthony in this worthwhile effort. For more information please contact Maria at 261-5297 or email, or call Anthony direct 261-8433 or email him

Some general news…

John D. Logel, P. Geoph (with Anadarko Canada as Geophysical Advisor) was recently inducted into APEGGA as a P. Geoph. at their Induction Ceremony on February 24th at the Westin in Calgary, by Graham Millington, P. Geoph, and Chairman of CSEG’s Chief Geophysicists Forum. The guest speaker at the event was Neil McCrank, P. Eng, Chairman of the AEUB. The following day, a similar Ceremony saw Neil McCrank inducted into APEGGA membership by George. W. Govier, P. Eng. who served as President of APEGGA i n 1958, and who was chairman of the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) from 1962 to 1978, and later Chief Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources.

Four of our members are featured in articles in the March 2004 issue of the New Technology magazine. Dr. Robert Stewart (University of Calgary) is featured in “Extraterrestrial Seismic” as well as Laurie Ross from Geo-X Systems. Satinder Chopra of Core Laboratories and Dr. Ronald Hinds of Talisman Energy are featured in the article “Restoration Projects”. And for my fellow University of Calgary alumni there is an article on Dr. Robert Stewart’s “Quest for the Red Planet” in the Spring 2004 issue of Arch, the U of C alumni magazine.



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