Happy New Year! And what a year it has been for me. I made a career change and got engaged. It doesn’t get much bigger than that. I am enjoying my new role as a “headhunter” and have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from the Geophysics and the Geology community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would like to extend a special thank you to my mentor, Dave Nordin and to my wonderful fiancée, Kelly Hrabi. I couldn’t do it without the two of you. Your support and encouragement means so much.

My volunteer efforts have changed in the last year as well. I stepped down as Chair of the JGF (Junior Geophysicists Forum) and will remain on the committee for the next year or so as an advisor. I am helping John Boyd with preparations for the IYPE (International Year of the Planet Earth) and also helping with the “100 jobs for 100 students” CSPG initiative, which will also include the CSEG. Both of these new efforts fall under the Outreach committee so Helen Isaac and the rest of the committee have invited me to join. Thank you, I will look forward to working with the Outreach committee again. I will also still help Laurie Ross and her committee out with fundraising for Light of the World (LUTW) at the 2008 convention.

I invited one of the students to write about his experiences attending the SEG convention this year. Every year GUSS (Geophysics Undergraduate Student Society) raises money so that some of the third and fourth year students can attend the convention. Chris Savels was gracious enough to share his experience at the convention with the RECORDER readers.

This month I have also included information on Calgary Women in Energy (CWIE). I have attended one of their networking events and was very impressed. What a great opportunity to meet women in the energy industry.

Last but not least, I would like to welcome Kristy Manchul from Sigma to the RECORDER Committee. Kristy will be taking over my sister column, ”The Grapevine”. She will be a great addition to our team. We will miss Gina Ritchie and a great big thank you for all of her hard work on the RECORDER.


Aldean Riddy (nee: Amy) graduated with an Honours’ Degree in Geophysics from the University of Saskatchewan. Aldean is excited to announce that she has recently incorporated ALA INC; she is now consulting with Compton Petroleum Corporation, for the Exploration South Team. She has twenty years of seismic interpretation experience from stratigraphic to structural plays in the Western Canadian Basin. Her experience ranges from exploitation to exploration; from heavy oil to gas at PanCanadian, ConocoPhillips and Win Energy. Aldean may be contacted at ariddy@comptonpetroleum.com or riddy@shaw.ca.

Mark Norton is pleased to announce that he has joined Progress Energy as a Senior Geophysicist and can be reached at mnorton@progressenergy.com.

Doug Uffen, a Past President of the CSEG has recently expanded his horizons internationally. After selling his working interest in Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. and traveling the globe the last few years, Doug has joined Canoro Resources Ltd. as their VP of Geoscience. Canoro’s land holdings are onshore in the Foothills of northeast India. Doug will now be commuting back and forth to Delhi and Jorhat on a fairly regular basis. This will undoubtedly provide him with a new perspective associated with the daily rush-hour commute to downtown Calgary. Doug can be reached at 403-410-8855 (direct), 403-669-9238 (cell phone), 403-547-5747 (switchboard) or by e-mail at duffen@canoro.com. Canoro has also recently changed their office location in Calgary. Their new mailing address is Suite 700 717 7th Avenue SW., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 0Z3. Doug will still be teaching his courses to the industry through Reflection Peak.

Judging by how the society has benefited from his ideas and volunteer efforts over the years, we are certain Canoro will enjoy the benefits of his labours.

Amanda Knowles – Boyd Petrosearch

It is with great pleasure that I announce my recent transition to a new position at Boyd PetroSearch as a junior geophysicist in their Potash Mining Division. I am very pleased to be refining my skills under the expert tutelage of Roger Edgecombe (self acclaimed “best boss ever” – I happen to agree!) and to be working with the lovely, intelligent, Suzanne Gentile. I also have the privilege of brushing elbows with the likes of Larry Herd and John Boyd, himself, with hopes that some of their masterful genius will rub off on me. I want to extend a big thank you to Carmen Swalwell who was instrumental in the entire process. I was very fortunate to have her attentively looking out for my personal and professional best interests. So, to all of my friends, and potential clients, I invite you to come by Boyd PetroSearch for a visit. You will find me smiling in my office while the wonderful laugh of Diane Werenka (our receptionist) echoes through the halls.

Meredith McArthur-Mott MacDonald

I’d like to let everyone know that I have accepted a position as a consultant with the Oil and Gas Team at Mott MacDonald in London, England. I’m very excited about the upcoming new challenge, both at work and living overseas. I’d like to thank all of my colleagues and friends in the industry for making Calgary such a great place to work. It has been a sincere pleasure working and getting to know all of you. Best of wishes, and please stay in touch. I can be reached at meredith.mcarthur@hotmail.com.

Shirley Fleming is pleased to announce that she has joined Rider Resources Ltd. full time as an Exploration Technologist in June 2007. Shirley can be reached at 781-2418 or by email at shirley.fleming@riderres.com.

Maxam Seismic Explosives, Inc. is proud to announce the hiring of a new marketing/ salesperson in Calgary. Wade Whitlow joins the team after many years in the food and beverage industry. He can draw on the seismic experience of his youth, toiling in the field for Enertec Geophysical Services.

Wade looks forward to spending the first few months learning the explosives business at the branch level, spending time in Stony Plain and Grande Prairie taping the vast knowledge of Greg Kathol and Larry Fritz. He will be a valuable addition to the Maxam team and an integral part of our growing company.

Teletape Services Limited is pleased to announce that Lorna Kostiuk has joined their team in the role of Business Development Manager. Lorna has a BSc in Computer Science and has over 11 years of experience in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries, most recently working the past 4 years in the seismic sector in a sales and marketing capacity, and prior to that working in technical roles including programmer and systems analyst. Lorna would like to let her friends and colleagues know that she can be reached at 287-0930 or via email at lorna@teletape.ca.

Jason Choo has recently moved to Key Seismic Solutions Ltd. as Marine Processing Manager. With this new position, Key Seismic is now offering advanced marine and transition zone processing services for both 2D and 3D. Jason can be reached at tel: 290-5708 or email: jason@keyseismic.com.


Chris Savels
Vice President, Geophysics
Undergraduate Student Society

Late this September, thirteen senior geophysics undergraduate students (Dave Cho, Dave Karran, Shaun Ali, Pamela Reid, Alanna Caldwell, Marissa Whittaker, Ashley Morgan, Chris Savels, Olamide Mosuro, Adam Flynn, Jessica Budge, Tina Bozic, Deanne Bryanton, Nicole Willson) represented the University of Calgary at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. Our impressions were mostly good and we had a great time with everything- whether it was conference related or team-building.

We stayed in a hotel a couple of blocks away from the Convention Center, and made the early-morning walk for the opening talks and poster exhibits. Many of the ideas we had a chance to listen to were fascinating. Every talk was, of course, different; not only in topic, but also in level of difficulty (sometimes we undergraduates felt that we were in over our heads!)

One of the highlights of the SEG was the exhibit floor. Not only did we collect more stress toys, and other free goodies, than we could carry, but we got to meet people! Meeting new people, talking to them about their careers, finding out how they got to be where they are and finding out more about the different aspects of industries and geophysical companies was definitely worth the time.

On the opening day of the convention there was a student reception, which was a good time to meet up with all student attendees. There was also an excellent Fiesta themed party in the middle of the week. These events helped us to socialize with many new people, as well as each other. The team building among our attending students was phenomenal and each of us built great friendships with people we hadn’t had the opportunity to during classes.

Between meeting new people from industry and other universities and spending time at the conference exhibits and talks, this trip will no doubt be one of the most memorable parts of our undergraduate education. No one forgets their first time attending the SEG Convention!


Calgary Women in Energy (CWIE)

A group of dynamic Calgary women in the energy sector are raising their own bars, forging new trails, and helping each other achieve more. Calgary Women in Energy (CWIE) began in 2003 with six women who met regularly to share leads and information and refer clients to each other. Now at 50 members, president of the group, Jackie Tomalty says “I see the potential of our group growing exponentially within the next few years.” Currently a Sales Manager for Integrated OH&S, Tomalty has been with the group for three years and became the president of the group in June. “Anyone new to the industry needs to network and build relationships,” she said of what drew her to the group. “There is so much to learn and a big part of the group is technical meetings once a month.” Members or guest speakers provide details on topics of their expertise. The atmosphere is a setting where people can feel comfortable asking any question. “Because we’re all on the same path, we share and collaborate and are open with one another,” she explained. “We all want each other to succeed.” Mix and Mingler’s are another aspect of the organization that gives members a chance to invite clients along, and socialize in a more relaxed environment. In addition to forming relationships and gaining more knowledge about the industry, Calgary Women in Energy also makes a positive impact on their community. “This year we’ve raised over $40, 000 at our 5th Annual Charity Golf Tournament, for the YWCA Sheriff King Emergency Shelter. The tournament sold out and we had a waiting list. Last year we raised $25,000 for the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Grief Support Pro g r a m , ” Tomalty said. The group has also done other work for charity, such as collected 17,000 pounds of food for the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank, and contributing to Operation Christmas Child. “There is great strength in numbers, and if we can use each of our talents to lift others up, we are all successful.” Ladies are encouraged to come to a couple of meetings to share their talents and see if the group is a good fit for them. For meeting dates and contact information, visit www.cwie.org.



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