I want to extend my apologies to the folks at Absolute Imaging. Their announcement below about Brendan Smith joining the company should have been in the May RECORDER. With all the spam these days, the announcement did not get to me. Thank you very much for your patience Elvis and for double checking with me! It is appreciated. So if you send me an announcement and you don’t see it the next month or so, please check in with me, it could be your email didn’t make it to me.

The next RECORDER will be in September. So enjoy your summer, I know that I will. We will have details on the next Junior Geophysicists Forum for you in the fall, so please stay tuned to the Grapevine.


Absolute Imaging Inc. is pleased to announce that Brendan Smith has joined the Absolute team as a Junior Seismic Data Processor. Brendan can be reached at Brendan@ absoluteimaging.ca or 403.806.6734.

Gavin Elsley has left Devon Canada after 5 years of working in the Frontiers and New Ventures group to accept a job as Geophysicist at Niko Resources. My new email address is gelsley@nikoresources.com.

Marian Hanna is delighted to inform all that she is now Manager of Business Development with ION Geophysical/GX Technology in Integrated Seismic Solutions. Marian can be reached at marian.hanna@ iongeo.com or 403-213-8780. ION is a leading technologyfocused seismic solutions company. Our family of companies provides advanced acquisition equipment, software and planning and seismic processing services to the global oil & gas industry. With over 35 years of industry experience and our recent acquisitions of GX Technology and Concept Systems, no other company offers the breadth and depth of solutions like ION.

SeisWare International is pleased to welcome Jim Lingley and Oscar Skaer to the company. Jim Lingley has joined the Calgary office as a technical sales advisor, and his contact information is 403.218.8029 or jlingely@seisware.com. Oscar Skaer is doing business development in SeisWare’s Houston office and his contact information is 713.960.6626 or oskaer@seisware.com

Susan Hopkin has relocated from the Petrosys Perth office to the local Petrosys office in Calgary. Petrosys software revolves around the creation of high quality maps and the underlying management and analysis of geoscientific and engineering information. Susan’s current role is Senior Database Analyst, specialising in database solutions,remediations and data management, if you have any enquiries or you have a need for a data management strategy/solution then contact Susan at susan.hopkin@petrosys.com.au. Currently she is terrified about driving on the wrong side of the road as well as getting a bit concerned about all of the Calgary winter stories. She is also has conflicting advice on whether to run or to play dead if she sees a Grizzly.

Fred Bushell would like to inform his friends and colleagues that since his “retirement” from Suncor, he has been enjoying his downtime and spending time in Mexico’s Yucatan. He would also like to announce that he has accepted a position with Target Data Ltd., as a Seismic Data Consultant and is very pleased to be joining the team of Jeff Kary, Darrel Jackson, Debbie Barron, and Vic Urban. Fred can be reached at 403 681-0803 or fred@target-data.com. Target Data Ltd. is a full service Geophysical Data Brokerage and Management company.


Richard Kellett has recently been promoted from “Geophysicist, Exploration” to “Director, Exploration” at Sherritt International, reporting to the Senior Vice President of Oil and Gas. Richard has been with Sherritt for 2 ½ years, working on Cuban oilfields and new ventures. Richard will be leading the exploration group into expanding the Cuban activity and branching out into new areas such as the UK North Sea, Spain, and Colombia. Richard’s contact details are the same rkellett@sherrittoil.com, phone 403-260-2906.



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