Merry Christmas everyone! As 2010 draws to a close I thought I would share a great discovery that Kelly and I made recently on a trip to Edmonton. We found a great restaurant – “A Taste of Ukraine”, downtown on Jasper Avenue. Although I don’t have a Ukrainian background, you can’t grow up in Alberta and Saskatchewan and not eat Ukrainian food. I have always loved it and Kelly’s bloodline is Czech, so he certainly grew up eating cabbage rolls and perogies. The food was fantastic, our hosts Aaron and Natalie were most gracious and treated us like royalty. They even have an art gallery in a private room in the back. We highly recommend that you visit “A Taste of Ukraine” if you are in Edmonton. I know we will be going back to the city of my birth to enjoy the food. And if they ever open a restaurant in Calgary, we will be first in line.

I received a great announcement from Rachel Newrick this month. She mentions LinkedIn in her announcement. I recently joined this website and have found it very valuable. Check it out. If you have any questions, just give me a call.



Matt Hall has left his position in Exploration at ConocoPhillips Canada and moved with his family to Nova Scotia. He will be running his consulting practice from his global headquarters in Mahone Bay in the mornings, and paddling his sea kayak around in the afternoons. His company is Agile*, and Matt can be found at Matt will be drawing on his experience and attacking a wide range of problems in shale gas, oil sands, and even knowledge sharing and software development.

Rachel Newrick has recently started at Cairn Energy in Edinburgh, Scotland. She has taken on the challenge of frontier exploration working with the Greenland Exploration Team as a Senior Geophysicist. Cairn is located in the heart of Edinburgh in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, so she enjoys the many shows, events and restaurants that Edinburgh has to offer, as well as riding her Z1000 through the Scottish countryside on phenomenally twisty roads. That said, she misses the closeness of the Calgary geoscience community and is glad to be in touch with many previous colleagues through LinkedIn. If you find yourself in Scotland, please contact Rachel through LinkedIn or at - she’ll buy the first beer.

Bob Wilson would like to announce that since leaving Suncor, he has started consulting as a seismic processing QC and project management specialist. If you would like a second set of eyes going over your seismic processing, you can contact Bob at (403) 861-1991 or

Vince Cuschieri, P. Geoph. wishes to let his friends and colleagues in industry know that he is back in the Calgary area and is now consulting to industry once again. Vince is available as a consulting geophysicist and offers exploration management and G & G interpretation services. Vince consults to industry through Vincus Consulting Limited and can be reached at 403-981-6843 or at

Jennifer Welsh is pleased to announce that she has accepted a position with Quicksilver Resources. She is looking forward to working at Quicksilver as a Geophysical/ Geological Technician. Jennifer can be reached at or 403-538-5501.



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