Happy New Year! I realized last week that 2011 will be the first year that I have not been on a committee with Doug Colvin (Statcom Ltd.) since 2003. Doug served on both the Exhibits and JGF committees with me. His support, encouragement and hard work were invaluable. I could not have done it without you Doug. My sincere thanks and I hope we have the chance to work on another committee in the future!

I am enjoying being the Sponsorship Chair for the 2011 convention. I will be looking for sponsorship for not just the convention itself, but for Earth Science for Society (ESfS) and Light up the World. All are great opportunities to give back to our community.


Ron Larson has moved to Quicksilver Resources. He can be reached at 403-538-5546 or by email at rlarson@qrinc.ca.

Terra-Sine Resources Ltd. is pleased to announce David Reynolds has joined their seismic operations group as a Seismic Projects Manager. David has over ten years of broad land seismic data acquisition experience, the last two years at the management level where he successfully completed some very large and complex projects. In addition, his extensive knowledge of OGP and CAGC standards further enhances Terra-Sine’s commitment to HSE.

David can be contacted at 403-387-0771 or by email at davidr@terra-sine.com.

People are the very core of Pulse’s success. Their professionalism and industry knowledge are the reasons Pulse Seismic has a long standing reputation for leadership and integrity within the seismic data industry. Pulse is pleased to announce the following new members of their team:

Brian Ingenthron,
Sales and Marketing Representative,

Cory Major,
Seismic Data Manager,

Liza Pasveer,
QI & Sales Administrator,

Pulse Seismic Inc. owns, manages and licenses the second largest seismic data library in Canada, including 340,000 net kilometres of 2D data and over 26,400 net square kilometres of 3D. Pulse’s data library covers key areas in Alberta, Northeast British Columbia and Saskatchewan, and also includes some data from the Northwest Territories, Yukon, Manitoba and Montana.

Cheran Mangat has left her position as Business Manager at Fugro-Jason to join GeoGlobal Resources (GGR) in January 2011. GGR has expanded its exploration further into India, Israel and Colombia. She is looking forward to the overseas travel and will also be very close at heart to Fugro-Jason’s Technology. GGR uses Fugro-Jason’s tools for their Reservoir Characterisation studies. Cheran can be contacted at cheran.mangat@geoglobal.com (after Jan 4, 2011) or 403-830-4591, and through LinkedIn.

Mohammed Saie has taken a new position as Business Manager of Canada for Fugro-Jason, Inc. Fugro-Jason uses advanced seismic inversion technology to assess reserves and provide advanced reservoir models. Additionally, Fugro- Jason provides geostatistical models and software for the assessment of geophysical/geological risk.



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