It is March already! Let’s hope that we don’t have to deal with any more cold weather this month. I have a few more announcements for the readers this month than last month. Thanks to everyone that sent in an announcement.

I haven’t been able to share anyone’s experiences of working with a charity for months. If anyone would like to write about the charity work they are involved in outside of the geophysical industry, I would be more than pleased to include it in a future column. It is a great chance to publicize your charity.

If you would like to put in an announcement about a new job, promotion, retirement or a birth announcement please feel free to send it to us. Individuals write their own announcements, so they are welcome to put in as much or as little detail as they wish. This way the RECORDER committee is sure we are only printing exactly what you want!

On the Move...

Ted Wong has taken on a new role with Cenovus Energy Inc. as Sr. Advisor, Field Coordinator with Cenovus’ seismic operations group.

P: 1-403-766-2229 | Email:

Arcis Seismic Solutions, a TGS Company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Josef Heim to the position of Senior Advising Geophysicist. Josef has more than 20 years’ experience in applied geophysics. Josef will be responsible for providing geophysical support to the marine seismic data processing team, in coordination with Research & Development.

Josef has a Degree in Geophysics (Dipl. Geophysiker) from the Ludwig Maximilans Universitaet, in Munich, Germany. He most recently served as Senior Area Geophysicist with WesternGeco, where he was responsible for providing geophysical expertise for the Schlumberger Calgary Data Processing Centre for seismic processing marine and land data, time and depth imaging; integration of well data, and preparation for AVO analysis and inversion.

Josef can be reached at or 403-781-1430.

Jim Hostetler would like to notify his contacts that after many years at Schlumberger (WesternGeco) he has joined the processing group at Thrust Belt Imaging. Jim can be reached at 403-681-1629 or

François Aubin is pleased to announce that he is working as a sales consultant at Geo-Reservoir Solutions Ltd. reporting to Doug Uffen.

Geo-Reservoir Solutions specializes in innovative and creative solutions, utilizing integrated geophysical and geological interpretation, to delineate and characterize unique and challenging reservoir environments. Geo-Reservoir provides seismic project support, project data conversions, data room hosting, workstation rentals and other geophysical support services.

François can be reached at 587-350-9776 or

Peter McGillivray is pleased to announce he is now the Lead Geophysicist at Mubadala Petroleum in Abu Dhabi, UAE. You can reach Peter at

Craig Van Dongen is pleased to announce that in addition to his role at GeoTir Inc and TIROne Technologies, he has entered into an agreement with the fine folks of United Data Wyse for core storage.

United Data Wyse (UDL) offers a web-enabled, climate controlled viewing room warehouse in Calgary for core storage.

By working with GeoTir, TIROne and UDL, Craig is excited that he can maintain his excellent friendships and client relationships by providing exemplary service on many different levels.

For any seismic or construction needs through GeoTir, HSE needs through TIROne or core storage through UDL, please contact Craig at 403-818-8873 or

Several changes have occurred at RPS Energy over the past year. As a historical reminder, RPS (a global consultancy headquartered in the UK) purchased Boyd PetroSearch in 2010, and the Boyd business continues under the RPS banner.

In January 2014 Ron Larson was promoted to Sr. Vice President, Consulting and in that role is responsible for all of the consulting practice within RPS Energy Canada: geophysics, geology, reservoir and well engineering and reserves reporting. Ron can be reached at and 403-355-3595.

Ron would like to announce the following personnel changes at RPS:

Jennifer Welsh joined our Consulting Team in December 2014. Jennifer is a Senior Technician who brings a strong Geological/ Geophysical Tech experience; most recently from Quicksilver Resources. Jennifer has a diverse background that will see her working in potash related seismic operations and related geophysical and engineering support. Jennifer can be reached at 403-355-3581 or

Orrin Foster re-joined the RPS Seismic Operations Team in May 2014. Orrin assumed the role of Field Operations Manager. His key responsibilities are to oversee seismic project management (bid tendering, contractor selection, costing tracking, field operations, field supervision, quality control and data analysis). Orrin can be contacted at 403-543-5363 or

Ian Scotland joined RPS in July 2014 as a Geophysicist in Training. He can be reached at 403-695-1444 or Ian most recently worked with Calfrac, performing frac modeling and geo mechanical work.

Luc Gravel joined us on July 28 as a Geophysicist. Luc is an 8 year geophysicist with a well-rounded processing background, most recently with Earth Signal Processing. He can be reached at 403-444-4815 or

Jerry Hadwin joined RPS in September 2014. Jerry is a very experienced Senior Reservoir Engineering Specialist who adds materially to the Reserves reporting and engineering consulting practice at RPS. Jerry can be reached at 403-355-3593 or



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