Well hello September! I trust that everyone had a safe and enjoyable summer, and are ready to refocus on what is to come. I was just looking at the educational and social events that the CSEG continues to hold in spite of our economic downturn… please consider attending if you have the time. Most events are subsidized by the CSEGF or the committees for those who are currently in transition or underemployed. Keep current our friends!

On the Move...

Raymond Law is pleased to announce he has joined TBI (Thrust Belt Imaging) as Sales and Marketing Manager; his new contact information is 403-690-8885 and ray.law@tbi.ca. Raymond will be responsible for sales and marketing activities in seismic processing. Raymond has over 33 years experiences in seismic processing, account management and business development. Prior to joining TBI he was the Sales and Marketing/Account manager at CGG/Veritas.

Kristy Manchul would love to share that she has accepted a role as Business Development Manager with Katalyst Data Management, and may be reached at kristy.manchul@ katalystdm.com or via new cell at 403.462.7977. Katalyst offers iGlass (online subsurface geophysical and geological data management storage solutions) and SeismicZone (online seismic brokerage and data management e-commerce solutions). Aside: Kristy feels rather strange writing about herself in the third person. Please expect to be called for coffee soon!

Caroline Mongrain would like everyone to know that as of May 29, 2017 she has started as President, Dynacore Solutions. Contact information: caroline@dynacoresolutions.com, (T) 403-270-9350, (C) 403-901-3151. Dynacore Solutions for Core Storage and Data Management Services. https://dynacoresolutions.com.

Craig Van Dongen is now Director of Business Development for the Pipestone Group. Pipestone Group is an Aboriginal company bringing innovative new processes and game changing Clean Technologies to the oil and gas sector through Aboriginal partnerships in sensitive areas across Canada. Contact us to find out more about Pipestone and our Partners at 1-403-818-8873.

Corporate Grapevine

Arcis is pleased to welcome Daniel Perez to Arcis’ Sales team as Onshore Multiclient Project Developer. Daniel is responsible for developing onshore Multi-client opportunities and as such he will be working closely with Arcis’ Sales, Operations and Imaging teams to grow our onshore library.

Arcis Seismic Solutions Corp (Arcis) is a wholly owned subsidiary of TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company based in Norway and Houston. Arcis was founded in 1996 and still has its head office located in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Arcis offers seismic solutions to the energy industry including seismic data processing, reservoir analysis, advanced imaging, multi-client surveys, geotechnical solutions, seismic acquisition services and access to an extensive 2D and 3D onshore and offshore seismic data library.

Geokinetics is pleased to announce that Rachel Binnion has joined its sales and marketing team in Calgary, directly focusing on the needs of Canadian oil and gas clients. Rachel combines a passion for building relationships with a dedication to providing superior customer service.

Houston, Texas-based Geokinetics is a global provider of seismic acquisition, geophysical imaging and processing, and multi-client data services to the oil and gas industry. The company specializes in acquiring and processing seismic data in challenging environments, leveraging innovative technologies supported by industry-leading project management and QHSE workflows.

Socially Speaking...

CSEG/CSPG Road Race and Fun Run!

The 29th Annual Road Race and Fun will be held on Wednesday, September 20. For more details and to register, go to the CSPG website (www.cspg.org), under EVENTS.

Calgary Geophysical Data Managers Society

“Is your operating license at risk? How compliant is your seismic environment? How do you know?”

Join Sue Carr (Galaxy DAIMS) and Trish Mulder (Katalyst Data Management) in an interactive discussion as they present a theoretical case study. Newco has just been formed by purchasing some assets, including subsurface data. Is your seismic compliant? How do you know? Assess your company as we step through things to consider. Could you pass a seismic audit?

Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association symposium: October 25th, 2017, 2-3pm at the Calgary Spark Science Center (must be registered to attend the PPDM symposium)

CGDMS presentation: November 29th, 2017, 12-1pm at the Aquitaine Building Ampitheatre (FREE: BYO Lunch and learn) www.cgdms.ca

Women In Seismic 2017

Bring on your leg warmers, big bangs (not theoretical ones), neon spandex (ew) and your inner Randy the Macho Man Savage! Women in Seismic is flashing back to the 80s and will be racing at 88km in a DeLorean to Fox Hollow for another great round of networking on the golf course on Thursday, September 14th, 2017 for a 1pm shotgun start! Registration is now open! Go to the CSEG website at cseg.ca/social/wise-golf-tournament



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