Many volunteers work behind the scenes, ensuring that CSEG initiatives are successful. Those who want to volunteer, or to say thank you to those who do, don’t currently know what committees and opportunities exist.

This column aims to bridge those gaps. In addition to the column, the CSEG website will be updated regularly with committee and volunteer information. – RN

GeoConvention 2014 Volunteers

CSEG members held a number of key volunteer positions on the large committee that is fully outlined at Some of these volunteers are profiled below. Many committee members dedicated thousands of hours and managed a multitude of additional volunteers in order to run a successful conference. Some are staying on, and some are moving on. Why do they do it? Find out in their own words below, and learn how this could be a good opportunity for you to take an active role in the CSEG.

Laurie Bellman

Laurie Bellman didn’t start volunteering until four years ago, and started because she “was asked”. Each year since then she has held a high profile volunteer position with the CSEG: Technical Co-Chair, Judging Chair, CSEG Symposium Organizer and, most recently, General Co-Chair for the 2014 GeoConvention. She volunteers to grow her network, a sentiment uttered by many volunteers, especially those on the service side of the industry. Laurie modestly states that the General Co-Chair role isn’t too onerous, because the sub-committees are all really committed, and do everything to the best of their abilities. She offers this advice, be prepared for something unexpected – you’re never sure how your role will turn out but you can help shape it!

Doug Colvin

Doug Colvin, Sponsorship Chair, has been working in the industry for 40 years and volunteering for much of that time. He likes to meet and work with people while keeping the G&G torch going. His advice for volunteers includes “be adaptable, be flexible”, “be willing to deal with people of differing views” and “find common ground, knowing that the ultimate goal is to succeed”. He is fortunate to be working for StatCom, who encourages volunteering, as he also recommends that you, have an employer who is willing to support you.

Judi MacDonald

Judi MacDonald has been volunteering for the CSEG since 1977, starting with the Ladies Auxillary, continuing on to convention Chair positions, starting Tracing the Industry, creating a new display booth for the society, heading on a roadshow, participating on the executive as Treasurer, promoting ‘Traces Through Time’, heading the Ski Spree, and most recently, Exhibits Chair for the GeoConvention. She has given so much time over the years because she loves the industry. Her thought is that, when you volunteer, you believe or hope, that your talents which you offer will benefit that organization.

Ken Gray

This is Ken Gray’s first year volunteering for the CSEG, and he stepped up to the plate as the GeoConvention 2014 CSEG Technical Co-Chair because he believes it is important for a professional society to showcase the best and brightest of talent. By taking on the role, one he admittedly agreed to during an unguarded moment at a company social event, he was able to contribute directly to ensuring the convention showcased technical excellence in a series of integrated talks. Ken, and his co-chairs, went a step further this year and created a guide entitled ‘Planning and Running the Technical Program: A Guide for the Technical Co-Chairs’. He did all this because, This is our livelihood, and it is important to show our friends, colleagues, neighbours, families and delegates what we are doing here.

Jeff Fisher

Jeff Fisher has been the Volunteer Coordinator for the past three GeoConventions and he enjoys contributing to the success of the event by gathering a group of eager students and professionals to fill a number of roles. There are always last minute changes and cancellations, and Jeff likens his position to “herding cats”, but is happy that there are always enough cats to fill the spots. Jeff isn’t staying on as Volunteer Coordinator due to other commitments but will be participating as needed – perhaps a technical session. His reasons for volunteering echo those of many of the CSEG volunteers: I volunteer to give back and to network



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