The best laid schemes of mice and men go often askew… ROBERT BURNS

That familiar line from Burns’ prophetic poem leapt to mind with the fire alarms blaring. “How am I ever going to keep the Symposium on schedule with this full building evacuation?”, I thought to myself as we all made our way to the emergency exits. That, combined with the blizzard raging outside made for a memorable day in more ways than one.

The 2018 CSEG Symposium was held on March 15th in the new “Hudson” meeting venue located on the 6th floor of the historic Hudson’s Bay building downtown. We were pleased to have Dr. Mauricio Sacchi travel from Edmonton to be our Symposium Honouree this year. The planning committee selected the theme: “Challenges & Opportunities” for the meeting. In addition to a full day of technical presentations followed by an informal mixer, the Symposium featured a luncheon with an invited speaker and the CSEG Awards Ceremony. As it turned out, the emergency evacuation demarcated a particularly delicious main course from the dessert. We were out in the snow for only a brief time before returning to our seats for hot coffee/tea and the Awards Ceremony.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the attendees, sponsors, speakers, and organizing committee for a very successful Symposium – everyone had an important role to play. I also extend my thanks to the management and staff of the Hudson; they really went that extra mile to help us stage a fine event.

The highlights of the Symposium for me include:

  • The interesting mixture of talks and the stimulating Q&A and discussion sessions that followed
  • Celebration of Mauricio Sacchi and his significant contributions to our industry and the CSEG
  • Socializing and networking in such a comfortable meeting venue
  • A relatively brief evacuation and no actual fire!

For 2019, I’m looking forward to assisting our incoming Chair, Laurie Weston Bellman in organizing an even better Symposium. We have received great feedback from attendees which will be incorporated in our plans for next year. In the meantime, please enjoy this collection of 2018 Symposium photos, courtesy of Penny Colton.

Doug Clark,
Symposium Chair

Fig. 01
Our first speaker of the day: Daniel Trad
Fig. 02
Guy Hilburn entertaining questions from the audience
Fig. 03
With input from Mustafa Naghizadeh, Aaron Stanton doing an admirable job of paying tribute to our Honouree Mauricio Sacchi.
Fig. 04
An amusing story for our Honouree.
Fig. 05
Distinguished luncheon attendees enjoying good food and company.
Fig. 06
A thought provoking talk from our luncheon guest speaker Markham Hislop.
Fig. 07
Laurie Ross presenting to the entire Symposium audience.
Fig. 08
More networking during our impromptu fire alarm break.
Fig. 09
The Calgary Fire Department ensuring our safety.
Fig. 10
Honouree Dr. Mauricio Sacchi giving thanks and sharing his thoughts and insights.
Fig. 11
The Symposium speakers (absent: Guy Hilburn and Liz Lappin).
Fig. 12
The 2018 Symposium organizing committee with incoming Chair Laurie Weston Bellman.
Fig. 13
Attendees enjoying the post-Symposium mixer.


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