The CSEG would like to acknowledge the dedication and efforts of the many volunteers on its committees. Below is a table of CSEG committees, followed by descriptions, volunteers, and roles. Part 2 will discuss the Foundation’s committees. Please consider volunteering, as we depend on volunteers for these committees to run successfully. It’s an opportunity to meet people and expand your horizons! Visit our Volunteer page, at

1. Communications


Summary: The RECORDER Committee, via the online RECORDER magazine, reports on all aspects of the CSEG, and promotes geophysics and Canadian geophysicists to the world. It provides technical papers, columns, announcements, etc. for the CSEG. For more information and to access the RECORDER’s archives, go to

Chair: Brian Schulte (

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Chief Editor (Brian Schulte): The Chief Editor chairs the RECORDER Committee, organizes meetings, passes information to and from the RECORDER Committee, and promotes the RECORDER and the Committee to the members and the wider national community. Responsible for quality and timeliness of each final published edition, the representation of CSEG values, ethics, and mandate through content, and comradeship and productivity of the Committee. Ensures costs are within budget and provides reports to the Board.
  • Associate Editor (volunteer needed): Works with the Chief Editor to ensure RECORDER Committee responsibilities are completed on time. Role may vary, depending on strengths and goals of Chief and others. May act as second Chief, fulfilling Chief’s duties when Chief unavailable.
  • Copy Editor (Elizabeth Atkinson): Formats material for publication on the RECORDER website.
  • Associate Copy Editor (volunteer needed): Assists Copy Editor and acts as a backup when needed.
  • Technical Editors (Omid Aghaei, Jubran Akram, Steve Jensen, Ruth Peach, Draga Talinga): Chief task is editing the submissions. For each edition, the Technical Editors copyedit and proofread content assigned to them. Other tasks include attending meetings, suggesting Focus topics, acting as Technical Editor for specific Focus topics, finding Special Coordinators and authors, and offering help as needed for the team to complete the Committee’s responsibilities. Technical Editors assigned to a Focus topic work with the Special Coordinator to ensure the Focus articles are edited and submitted on time, with the various pieces necessary for publication.
  • Special Coordinator (in 2020, this role to date has been filled by Oliver Khun, Jean Legault, Devika Naidu, and German Rodriguez Pradilla): The main role of the Special Coordinator is to search for authors and articles that fit a Focus topic, that will be interesting and applicable for readers. The Special Coordinator and Technical Editor assigned to that Focus work together to ensure that the articles are submitted on time.
  • Advertising Manager (Alyssa Middleton; volunteer needed): Finds new advertisers and maintains cooperative relationships with existing advertisers to maintain RECORDER revenue.

Volunteers Required? Looking for Chief Editor, Associate Editor, Associate Copy Editor, Advertising Manager, Technical Editors, Special Coordinators and Authors. Please contact Brian Schulte (

b) Canadian Journal of Exploration Geophysicists (CJEG) Committee

The committee publishes the CJEG, which is the peer-reviewed publication of CSEG, with a citation rating that has been in existence since 1965. It is the responsibility of the committee to get the submitted articles reviewed in a fair manner, and if found worthy of publication, to do so during the year. For historical Journal pdf editions, go to

Chief Editor: Satinder Chopra (

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Chief Editor (Satinder Chopra): The chief editor looks after solicitation and reviewing of papers.
  • Copy Editor (Elizabeth Atkinson): Formats material for publication.
  • Associate Copy Editor (volunteer needed): Assists Copy Editor and acts as a backup when needed.  (Same copy editors do Recorder and Journal)

Volunteers required?  Associate Copy Editor (see Recorder)

c) Digital Media Committee (DMC)

Summary: The purpose of the DMC is to support all CSEG committees and groups, with respect to communications, on CSEG social media channels.
Chair: Jason Schweigert (

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Chair: Jason Schweigert
  • Volunteers: Rebecca Bryant, Corey Hooge, Jocelyn Frankow, Chelsea Squires

Volunteers Required?  Yes, please contact Jason Schweigert (

2. Talks / Conventions

a) Symposium

Summary: The Symposium is an annual event that showcases some of the CSEG's best speakers, with talks highlighting our mission to estimate the truth about the earth in a case study format. This year the Symposium features the theme of the Hunt for value and honours Lee Hunt.
For more information, go to

Chair/Future Chair: Nanna Eliuk ( Wendall Pardasie (

Volunteer List and Reponsibilities:
  • Chair (Nanna Eliuk): ( The Chair has the ultimate decision on Honoree(s), key parameters, number of talks, incoming chair and ancillary features (e.g. post symposium mixer, etc.). The Chair is ultimately responsible for the Symposium, such as cost and timing, organizing meetings, keeping committee members informed, creating and maintaining event budget, moderating discussion and helping committee members, as needed. The Chair is the point person for communications and liaison with the CSEG Executive and is the Master of ceremonies on the day of the Symposium.
  • Past-Chair (Laurie Weston): The Past-Chair provides continuity and offers wisdom/guidance/voice of experience. The Past-Chair also assists the Chair in selection of incoming committee members, selection of incoming Chair, coordinates with other committees, ensures that records of the years’ events (minutes, emails, other details such as type of mementos, etc.) are organized and properly archived and work with the Advertisement committee member to ensure that (permitted) abstracts from past year’s Symposium are properly archived on website.    
  • Speaker Liaison (Andy Dyke, Alex Daum): This role promotes speaker proposal initiative, communicates with speakers, makes the invitation to the speakers, aims to keep speakers on value message, assists Chair in MC duties on the day of the Symposium and makes arrangements for out-of-town speakers, if required.
  • Sponsorship (Marivi Molina): This role solicits sponsorship and communicates with the sponsors any relevant news regarding the Symposium, encourages sponsors to send their staff members to the symposium, liaises with Advertisement and Arrangements to ensure signage, logos etc. all done properly, arranging for all sponsor items setup and delivery back to the sponsors, communicating sponsors’ attendees to the Arrangements Liaison and general coordination/assistance with the Arrangements Liaison. Sponsorship Opportunities include but are not limited to: registration, Session breaks, Session sponsorship and Mixer.
  • Arrangements (Doug Clark): This role oversees all interactions with the venue such as gathering quotes from venues, coordinating with CSEG office discussions with the venue and arranging a “walk through” session with the venue. Also responsible for reviewing orders for breakfast, coffee breaks and mixer, reviewing and confirming the seating and screen arrangement, organizing the projectors and laptops required with an additional backup laptop and ensuring setup is correct the day of the symposium. Other duties include volunteer coordination, ensuring registration/sign-in is setup the day of the symposium, AV, Speaker mementos and certificates, arranging the speakers, sponsors, and committee dinner night of the Symposium and arranging for CSEGF funding for students and underemployed.
  • Advertising (Richard Gray): Builds advertisements that emphasize the market orientation, theme, and differentiation of the particular year. Ensures all content on website is correct and appropriately vetted, communicates with webmaster to get desired content onto site, and makes sure past year’s abstracts are archived and accessible. Works with CSEG office to get ads into Recorder, and the weekly newsletter, builds PowerPoint ads for Luncheon announcements and may plan advertisements in geological and engineering periodicals.  Also work with CSEG office on email messages to membership.
  • Marketing (Launey Newell): The role of sales/marketing volunteer will be to promote the Symposium event to industry geophysicists. This role is best suited for someone who has marketing and sales experience. May plan advertisements in geological and engineering periodicals.  It would be ideal if the individual where part of a larger sales team with broad industry contacts. They would attend and participate in monthly meetings with committee members, assist advertisements member, help and liaise with speakers, sponsors and attendees on the day of the event.
  • CSEG Staff Representative (Jim Racette): This role is performed by the CSEG Managing Director and includes communication with the venue, communication with AV company, set up and responsibility for registration mechanisms, and coordinating with webmaster on registration links.

Volunteers required?  No. The 2021 Committee is complete.

b) GeoConvention

Summary: GeoConvention is the annual convention and exhibit of the CSPG, CSEG and CWLS held in Calgary, that provides the opportunity to network and learn from industry professionals and academia. This year, it includes content from GAC, MAC and IAH-CNC (International Association of Hydrologists – Canadian National Chapter). This year, it will be on a virtual platform that can be accessed worldwide.

Executive Director:  Dustin Menger
Current Chair: Shelley Leggitt

CSEG Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • CSEG General Co-Chair (Gary Paukert): The General Co-Chairs are ultimately responsible for the technical content of the convention and oversight of the technical committees and their chairs, plus being liaisons to their respective societies.  They also help out in recruiting technical committee chairs and presenters.
  • CSEG Board Reps (Gary Paukert, Richard Gray, Laurie Ross): The GeoConvention Board of Directors is made up of representation of the partner societies.  The Board members provide value to society members, societies, sponsors, exhibitors and other delegates by building on past success, striving for future improvement, providing continuity of management and through appropriate governance. This is accomplished by communicating to member societies, marketing and branding, gathering and analyzing statistics and by administering efficiently while providing accountability, initiative and advancement. 
  • GeoConvention Committee Chairs (Note: only CSEG volunteers listed. For full list of Committee chairs go to
    • CSEG Technical Co-Chair (Lona Gregory): The geophysical Technical Co-Chair helps recruit session chairs, evaluates suggested session themes and submitted abstracts when there is any question of validity or best placement. Also sets schedule and room designations for the in-person convention. The Technical and General Chair positions will be combined going forward. More generally, all the committee members participated in providing feedback and suggestions on more general topics when presented.
    • Posters Chair (Breanne Rathgeber): Helps with the evaluation of all submitted posters for acceptance in the program, helps identify posters that may be a good fit for the oral program, identifies conflicts in the program, manages the placement of posters at the venue, manages timing of poster presentations, and ensures all posters are judged by a volunteer panel of industry experts and general audience.
    • Exhibits and Sponsorship Co-Chairs (Nash Hayward, Brendon Lybbert, Giselle Fonseca, James Duggan): Assist in the solicitation of new sponsors and exhibitors by highlighting the value of partnering with GeoConvention through our wide variety of opportunities, maintains an accurate and up-to-date listing of potential support company contacts, and judges all booths at the show to determine the “Best Booth in Show”.
    • Judging Chair (Scott Matieshin): Creates communication method for use by all session chairs to provide feedback on talks, accumulates all gathered presentation feedback and evaluate the results for both poster and oral awards. Helps with the preparation of the physical awards and communicates trends in data to help with the design of future GeoConventions.
    • Social Media Co-Chair (Chris Harrison): Creates and posts material on the GeoConvention social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube), stimulates discussion on relevant posts, finds opportunities to grow the GeoConvention network and promotes GeoConvention events, sponsors, exhibitors, etc.
    • Student Outreach Co-Chair (Adam MacInnis, Mitchell Gillrie): Interface directly with universities throughout Canada and US in the promotion of GeoConvention to students and faculty. Communicate opportunities for students within GeoConvention, maintain up-to-date list of university contacts (faculties and associations), gain feedback from universities on any programming they would like to be included in GeoConvention, engage with alumni associations to identify opportunities for associated events, and gain faculty support for exhibition at GeoConvention.
  • Session Chairs (Note: only CSEG volunteers listed):

    Responsible for soliciting, reviewing, selecting and designing their session at GeoConvention.  During the program, they are responsible for speaker introductions, stimulating Q&A and keeping the session on schedule.

    CSEG Session Chairs: Dennis Ellison, Nathan Fester, Bill Goodway, Dustin Borotsik, Ivan Pasechnik, Draga Talinga, Svetlana Bidikhova, Matt Ng, Mostafa Naghizadeh, Alyson Birce, Chris Harrison, Brian Emmerson, Don MacNeil, Volodymyr Vragov, Satinder Chopra, Bahaa Beshry, Jieyu Zhang, Raúl Cova, Andrew Iverson, Andrea Crook, Michael Hons, Kathleen Dorey, Marissa Whittaker, Carmen Dumitrescu, Aaron Stanton, Svetlana Bidikhova, David Gray, Bob Fuenning, John Duhault, Thomas Jerome, Paige Mamer.

    Volunteers Required? Yes. Seeking a 2021 CSEG General/Technical Chair. As well, anyone who is interested in being on the committee, a session chair or helping at the conference can reach us at

c) Technical Luncheons

Summary: Technical luncheons have provided individual geophysicists, academia, as well as oil and gas companies with the opportunity to showcase the latest advances in the world of seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation. The event has brought speakers from around the world. CSEG and SEG distinguished lecturers have often been part of the luncheon list of presenters. For past luncheon abstracts and biographies, please go to:

Current Chair/Future Chair: John Fernando ( Andy Williams (

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Chair/Vice Chair (John Fernando/Andy Williams): Chooses expert presenters for the technical luncheons
  • Event Organizer (Seward Pon): Organizes the event by generating the agenda for the event and gathering announcements to be cycled at each luncheon.

Volunteers Required? May need one or two volunteers to help in succession planning and emergency coverage. Please contact John Fernando if interested. (

d) Lunchbox Geophysics

Summary: Lunchbox Geophysics is an informal, free-of-charge, technical lecture series that brings a variety of topical geophysical presentations to CSEG members during the lunch-hour in downtown Calgary. For past abstracts and biographies, go to

Chairs: Tracey Sinead (, Luis Valencia (, Sarah Grant (

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Co-Chairs: Plan and organize volunteer presenters for the year, organize room to hold event, and host the presenter and attendees.

e) Microseismic User Group (MUG)

Summary: MUG facilitates free monthly technical talks and discussions, focused on microseismic, induced seismicity, and fiber-optic topics. For past MUG abstracts, go to:

Current Chairs: Paige Mamer ( and Johnny Wentzel (

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Co-Chairs:  Search for speakers and liaise with them to set up date and time to host the talks, as well as tweak the abstracts, if needed.
  • Logistics (volunteer needed):  Assists in booking venues for the proposed dates and times and sets up the room audio/visuals

Volunteers needed? Yes, please contact Co-Chairs.

f) Value of Integrated Geophysics (VIG)

Summary: VIG was created to build stronger levels of understanding among geoscientists, engineers, executives and the oil and gas finance community, about the value of using geoscience to increase economic success and safety. Our main approach has been to get out and talk to engineers through SPE and APEGA talks, and to educate CSEG members through VIG-related CSEG talks, RECORDER articles, DoodleTrain courses, etc. We have shared the idea with the SEG, who has created a Business of Applied Geophysics (BAG) session at its annual convention.

Chair: Ruth Peach (

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Chair (Ruth Peach): Schedules meetings, prepares agendas and reports, writes RECORDER articles and announcements, VIG Reading List, etc.
  • Volunteers (Louis Chabot, Dennis Ellison, Mike Hall, David Timko): Discuss, organize and present talks to engineers (APEGA, SPE). Contribute thoughts on Mike’s work with Bacon and Eggheads, Earth Science for Society, VIG Reading List.

Volunteers needed? Yes, looking for volunteers who can give VIG talks, courses, and/or have new ideas to promote VIG. Please contact Ruth Peach (

3. Courses

a) DoodleTrain

Summary: The DoodleTrain was started in the ‘90s by Bill Nickleson to provide Calgary-based training in geophysics, consisting of 1-2 day short courses. This continuing education programs has run the first week of November for the last 20+ years. The program concentrates on Fundamentals for the new geoscientist, Fundamentals II for working geophysicists, and Advanced for experienced geophysicists/specialists. The program provides the ability for companies to run courses that would otherwise require the professional to travel to the U.S. or Europe for training. The program continues to be corporately supported, with venue donations, course suggestions and sponsorship (particularly for instructor travel). The DoodleTrain provides a low-cost forum for high quality instruction in geophysics, using both local and international instructors. Registration has just opened, and we are planning on running the program as scheduled in November. For more information, go to

Current Chair/Future Chair: David Emery ( / Patricia Gavotti

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Chair: David Emery (
  • Vice-Chair: Patricia Gavotti
  • Past-Chair: John Fernando
  • Student Outreach and Bill Nicholson Scholarship: Mike Hall
  • Curriculum Subcommittee: Patricia Gavotti, Arie Van der Velden, Nerissa Goodman, Juan Joffre
  • Instructor Liaison: Patricia Gavotti, Arie Van der Velden, Nerissa Goodman
  • Venue Coordinator: Graeme Gibson
  • Digital Notes Coordinator: Akshay Gulati
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Not assigned yet
  • Fundraising: Not assigned yet
  • Registration: Jim Racette
  • Curriculum Subcommittee meets at the beginning of the year, selects courses that many be of interest, and contacts potential instructors on teaching in the upcoming November.
  • Instructor Liaison Subcommittee coordinates ongoing correspondence to make sure everything is in place for the smooth running of each course.
  • Venue communication is predominately done by the CSEG office, with the Venue Coordinator organizing course location and cross-checking instructor needs. Each course has a classroom volunteer that aids the instructor in access, direction to lunch location, and, most of all, coordinates the course evaluations.
  • The DoodleTrain has moved to 100% digital notes format, and coordination has become an important part of the committee work. Distribution of notes to over 200+ students for 16+ courses while balancing instructors’ desire to have up-to-date notes (last minute) and students’ desire to have access as early as possible, continues to be one of the biggest challenges for the committee.

Volunteers Required?  Yes, please contact David Emery (

b) DoodleShip Committee

Summary: Following the success of the DoodleShip 2019 event in St. John's, we formed the DoodleShip 2020 Committee. The 2019 event was organized by John Fernando and David Emery, and presented by Rainer Tonn with sponsorship from Equinor. Our goal for 2020 was to host a similar event organized by locals from the St. John's community. DoodleShip 2020 was planned for the first week of April 2020. Henry Posamentier was to deliver a 2-day course on Seismic Geomorphology and Seismic Stratigraphy, followed by a half-day core workshop. At the core workshop, local experts would show core from Bay du Nord, White Rose, and Hebron. The course sold out before the early bird deadline, while the core workshop sold out soon afterwards. Unfortunately, DoodleShip 2020 hasn't happened due to the lockdown resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our expectations are that the next DoodleShip will be held in 2021. For more information, go to

Current Chair: John Townsley (

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Alison Newell, Chris Williams, Irene Kelly, Karen Smith, John Townsley, and Victoria Mitchell, with John Fernando and David Emery providing assistance from Calgary.

Volunteers required? Please contact John Townsley (

c) Destination Learning Series Canada (DLSC):

Summary: The objectives of this committee are to provide a learning series in applied geophysical science for any industry, promote the geosciences through fellowship and education, and advocate for Canadian business and innovation. The target audience is international corporate decision makers and scientists who are ready to learn more about Canada. The inaugural 10-day course will have the attendees participate in workshops held in Calgary corporate offices, and visit beautiful site locations across Alberta and Saskatchewan, focused on the scientific approaches to natural resource development. For more information, go to

Current Chair: vacant – volunteer needed

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Chair (vacant): Leads the charge and ensures the committee is meeting its deadlines
  • Industry Liaison and Sponsorship (Neda Boroumand):  Makes contact with companies to secure tours and sponsorship. The event depends on this.
  • Budget/Logistics/Transportation/Accommodations (Eric Rops and Ron Newman): Price out and secure hotels and buses for the locations we'll be visiting. Keeps track of the budget: projected vs. actual expenditures.
  • Education Component (Steven Lynch and Geoff Fraser): Make contact with companies and individuals in order to form an itinerary for the classroom day in Calgary. Includes securing speakers and venues.
  • SEG Liaison (Tom Sneddon): Main contact with SEG. This is a joint SEG-CSEG initiative.
  • CSEG Reps:  Jim Racette and Alyssa Middleton

Volunteers Required?  Yes, if event goes ahead in 2021. Please contact Neda Boroumand (

4. Professional

a) Chief Geophysicist Forum (CGF)

Summary: CGF facilitates collaboration and provides a think-tank for geophysicists working in senior level positions at service companies, operators, academia, and consulting companies. Three organizers, ~50 attendees. For more information, go to

Chair/Future Chair: Matt Ng Nathan Fester

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Chair (Matt Ng): Plans meetings, arranges meeting space, facilitates conversation and topics.
  • Vice Chair (Nathan Fester): Assists in organizing/planning meetings.
  • Past Chair (Ed Chow): Assists in organizing/planning meetings.

b) Emerging Professionals Program (EPP)

Summary: EPP’s goal is to encourage and promote the development of emerging professionals’ knowledge, skills and attributes within the CSEG through a variety of educational, networking, and employability skills, in hopes of helping develop tomorrow’s geoscientists today. An emerging professional is defined as a person who has graduated from a post-secondary institution and is either currently employed, looking for employment or has an interest in geophysics and/or geosciences but has not yet reached APEGA professional status. For more information, go to

Current Chair/Future Chair: Chau Huynh ( Devika Naidu (

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Chair: Chau Huynh ( Chairs and organizes meetings, recruits, budgets, liaises with other committees and societies (e.g. DoodleTrain, scholarships), works on partnered events, maintains contact list, guidebook, promotional materials and social media, reports to Executive.
  • Vice-Chair (Devika Naidu): Supports Chair and covers for, when needed. Promotion and communications.
  • Advertising & Marketing (Chau Huynh; looking for someone to fill role): Edits and distributes event information on social media.
  • Communications (Chau Huynh; looking for someone to fill role): Compiles, distributes, and archives meeting minutes, edits and distributes monthly newsletter, updates Google page, writes up events, with photos, for RECORDER, maintains member list.
  • Event Leads (Andrew Mills, Chris Bird, Chris Charlcraft, Keegan Valerio, Matthew Lennon, Taylor Till. Keegan and Taylor Co-Chair the JGF): Organizes and advertises for events, finds event space, finds sponsors, manages registration, takes pictures, sets up and tears-down, tracks event performance and makes recommendations.
  • Senior Advisors (Alexandria Shrake, Dennis Ellison, Stephen Kotkas, Wendell Pardasie): Advises, supc) ports, challenges members. Helps with planning of events.

Junior Geophysicists Forum (JGF) Committee - Roles and Responsibilities:

The JGF is a larger event that falls under the Emerging Professionals Program and has its own committee. Chairs of the JGF are expected to be a part of the EPP Committee. Minimum 2-year term. Replacements are to be suggested to the committee and discussed. All replacements require a one-year shadowing period before fully taking on the role. For more information, go to .

  • Co-Chair (Keegan Valerio and Taylor Till): Management and guidance of the JGF committee. Planning of event themes, format, and event programs. Leading the recruitment of speakers and panellists, and assisting with all VP's as needed.
  • VP Operations & Finance – OPFI (Haseeb Khalid): Allocation of budget, venue booking, planning of logistics (purchases supplies, creates agenda; arranges seating, taxis chits, food and beverage etc.).
  • VP Marketing & Communications (Zeeshaan Hameed): Creation and initiation of marketing tactics; advertisement of the event to various demographics. Communication of information throughout all parties (including registration/attendance list, a summary of the event for RECORDER, surveys/feedback from attendees and sponsors).
  • VP Sponsorship (Gabriela Mohanajah): Development of sponsorship structure and distribution of sponsorship packages. Following up with potential sponsors. Organization and tracking of sponsors, funds accrued, invoices and tax receipts etc.
  • Senior Advisor (Daniel Perez): Advises, challenges, and supports the JGF committee via oversight and suggestions.
  • Shared Responsibilities (All): Brainstorm ideas for themes/format and deliverables; work together to ensure event success (even if it is not specified in your position: generate ideas for all aspects of organization and logistics of the event).

Volunteers Required?  Two roles currently available: Communications, Advertising & Marketing. Please contact Chau Huynh (

5. Social

a) Doodlebug

Summary: The Doodlebug is a charity golf event held once a year. For more information, go to

Chair/Future Chair: Alex Daum ( Rob Curts (

Volunteer List:
  • Chair (Alex Daum)
  • Vice-Chair (Rob Curts)
  • Past Chair (Geoff Castle)
  • Sponsorship/Golf (Brad Gerl, Darren Tallas, Kyle Dreher)
  • Entertainment (Brendan Smith, Orrin Foster, Danny Sutherland)
  • Housing (Greg Staples, Steve McLeod)
  • Secretary/Treasurer (Shaun Ali)
  • Guest Events (Shirstine Daum)
  • Printing & Graphics (Adam Westlake)

b) DoodleSpiel

Summary: CSEG's largest social event of the year. Hundreds of ge ophysicists, geologists, and friends come to Banff in January for a weekend of curling (competitive or recreational), networking, and fun! For more information, go to

Current Chair/Future Chair: Tacita Schmid ( / Kurt Mulhall (

Volunteer List and Roles:
  • Past Chair (Brad Ohler): Advice and continuity
  • Chairperson (Tacita Schmid): Books venues and hotels, ensures everything is proceeding as expected.
  • Vice-Chair (Kurt Mulhall): Assists Chairperson in following up with any items out of scope for other roles.
  • Registration (TBD): Sends out communications and manages registration list.
  • Finance (TBD): In charge of the bank account and budget.
  • Sponsorship (2 members): Communication and solicitation of sponsors.
  • Special Arrangements (2 members): Miscellaneous tasks, including buses, banquet planning, raffle and prizes, and any additional social events planned.

Volunteers Required? Looking for 2 new members. Please contact Tacita Schmid (

c) Ski Spree

Summary: Ski Spree is a family friendly event that takes place in Fairmont Hot Springs.  The event has been running for 53 years and brings clients and contractors together in an informal setting. For more information, go to

Chair/Future Chair: Bradley Gerl ( / Kristof De Meersman (

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Chairman: Brad Gerl
  • Past Chair: Geoff Castle
  • Treasurer: Kelly Zamiski
  • Race Steward: John Bertsch
  • Rooming Coordinator: Kristoff De Meersman
  • Entertainment: Alex Gauthier, Steve McLeod, Brendan Smith
  • Sponsorship: Sean McAfee
  • Sponsorship and Charity Coordinator: Cinnamon Bond

d) T-Wave Golf

Summary: The T-Wave Golf Tournament has become the best attended social networking event over the past few years. It provides a local, single-day event that allows for 144 CSEG members to congregate in a fun setting. It has been well received by the industry, and we look forward to continuing this tradition in years to come. For more information, go to

Chair: Joe Bonaventura

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Chair: Joe Bonaventura
  • Registration: Rob Curts
  • Sponsorship and Signage: Patty Evans, Brendan Smith
  • Finance: Maggie Stratton
  • Finance and Prizes: Lisa Kinjo
  • Sponsorship: Wade Whitlow
  • Golf and Prizes: Ed Slobodian, Danny Sutherland

e) Women in Seismic (WiSe)

Summary: This year is our 21st anniversary for the WiSe Charity Golf Tournament, which encourages all levels of golfers to participate in an afternoon of networking and dressing up, while raising money for two important causes: 1) the Alberta Cancer Foundation and 2) the CSEG Foundation Scholarship Fund. The event is held at the Fox Hollow Golf Course, which holds 72 players. The team with the best spirit wins the Sean Callaghan Spirit Award. Students and men are also encouraged to attend. For more information, go to

Current Chair: Trish Mulder (

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Chair (Trish Mulder): Coordination of teams and event, charity donations, coordination with golf course, accounting.
  • Hole Sponsor Chair (Kristy Manchul): Solidifies hole sponsorship and payment, coordination with sponsors and golf course, sponsor course placement, prize hole placements, signage.
  • Prize Sponsor Chair (JoAnn Johnston): Encourages corporations for donations, collection of prizes, packaging and displaying prizes, signage
  • Volunteers (Joanne Poloway, Jennifer Welsh, Sue Carr, Adriana Gordon, Megan Slotboom): Assisting with hole, prize and/or day of event R&Rs.

Volunteers required? Yes. Please contact Trish Mulder (


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