As mentioned in Part 1, the CSEG gratefully acknowledges the dedication and work of its committee volunteers. In addition to the nineteen CSEG committees, the CSEG Foundation includes ten additional committees, described below. The Foundation is the registered charitable arm of the CSEG. Its mission is “to encourage and support scientific, educational, and charitable activities that benefit geophysicists, through the solicitation of contributions aimed at promoting the development of geophysical knowledge, education, and public awareness”. Volunteering brings new friendships and skills! Visit our Volunteer page, at

The Foundation is organized into the following committees:

CSEG Foundation
Outreach Committee
Fund Development Committee
Earth Science for Society Committee
Scholarship Committee
Travel Grants and Learning Subsidies Committee
University Student Outreach Committee (USO)
Student Conferences Subcommittee (USO)
Challenge Bowl Subcommittee (USO)
Geophysics Industry Field Trip (GIFT) Subcommittee (USO)
Mentorship Subcommittee (USO)

CSEG Foundation Directors

  • Chair: John Parkin
  • Vice Chair/Governance: Ron Newman
  • Secretary: Nancy Shaw
  • Treasurer: Tammy Willmer
  • Assistant Treasurer: Colleen Whelehan
  • CSEG Representative: Neda Boroumand
  • Outreach: Adrian Smith
  • Fund Development Chair: Al Chatenay
  • Fund Development Assistant Chair: Darren Kondrat
  • Scholarship: Darren Hinks
  • Communications: Kristy Manchul
  • Travel Grants and Learning Subsidies (TGLS): Pam Bucher
  • Past Chair: Kathleen Dorey

a)  Outreach Committee

Summary: The Outreach Committee attends, organizes, and supports initiatives promoting geosciences to the general public, schools, and universities. We attend teacher conferences, Earth Science for Society (ESFS), and other events. Outreach supports and represents several committees on the Foundation Board, including Mentorship, Challenge Bowl, Student Conferences, Geophysical Industry Field Trip (GIFT), and Student Chapters. We collaborate closely with internal committees and external organizations to further the aims of the CSEG and CSEG-F in the best ways possible. For more information, go to

Chair: Adrian Smith -

Future Chair: Need someone!

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:

There are about 60 volunteers in total, but many are in individual subcommittees (e.g. GIFT). The following volunteers are Outreach-specific:

  • Vice Chair (Chelsea Squires): Strategic planning and direction for the Outreach Committee - stands in as a representative for Outreach for events such as CSEG-F Board Meetings when the Chair is unable to attend.
  • Public / Schools Chair (Zeeshaan Hameed): Plans/organizes Outreach participation in external teacher conferences, ESfS events, and other opportunities for the general public and schools. Maintains and organizes Outreach inventory at CSEG office.
  • Secretary (Meaghan Wright): Organizes and communicates invitations for monthly Outreach Committee meetings; take minutes at meetings; organizes/updates Outreach volunteer lists and calendar dates.
  • Financial Analyst (Nick Holoboff): Plans, organizes, and communicates annual budgets; approves and tracks expenses and revenues; sits on CSEG-F Finance Committee and attends their monthly meetings; performs monthly financial reconciliation; presents findings both at Outreach Committee meetings and CSEG-F Finance Committee meetings.

Volunteers Required?  Outreach is always looking for volunteers!

b)  Fund Development Committee

Summary: Responsible for creating strategies to raise funds for the Foundation.

Volunteer list and responsibilities:

Co-Chairs work together to plan funding opportunities for the CSEG Foundation, follow up with donors, and build list of new potential donors.

Volunteers required? None at the moment.

c)  Earth Science for Society (ESfS)

Summary: This is a landmark 3-day Earth Science conference, with hands-on activities to engage school children and the general public. A high-profile, free public event, typically with local news coverage.

For more information, go to

Current Chair: Marissa Whittaker (

Future Chair: Need someone!

Volunteer List and Roles:
  • Chair (Marissa Whittaker): Ensures timelines are being met, reports to Foundation, sets meetings and takes meeting minutes. Compiles final report.
  • Budget (Annette Milbradt- Interm Chair): Tracks and approve expenses and invoices.
  • Marketing (Ariana Pumo, Lana Sharp, Melissa Sawyer - Past Chair, Patrick Lagasca, Renu Sahota, Ryan Day - Chair, Sydney Thomson, Annette Milbradt): Design print material, including letters, signage, posters, brochures and bookmarks. Update website and social media accounts. Design and distribute ads for ESfS event, science literacy events, and volunteer call-outs. Compile and distribute monthly newsletter.
  • Sponsorship (Bruce Moore - Chair, Cassie Vocke, Julia Davison - Past Chair, Lida Goldchteine, Mike Palka, Pamela Pribilovic, Richard Chow): Distribute communication to sponsors, including: thank-you packages, save the dates, requests for support, and sponsorship brochure. Secure sponsorship for  event. Secure door-prizes and give-aways.
  • Speakers (Daniela von Bassenheim - Chair, Victoria Desjardins - Vice Chair): Secure speakers for Sunday general public talk. Secure MC for event. Book hotels for speakers and compile Geo-Theater information package.
  • ESfS In Motion (Glenn Malcolm - Chair, Rick Wierzbicki, Victoria Desjardins - Vice Chair): Plan and organize attendance during Science Odyssey and Science Literacy weeks. Plan logistics for attending the Science Fair.
  • Program Delivery (Helen Isaac - Chair, Monica Magbanua, Siobhan McGoldrick): Communication with schools and youth groups, including sending save the dates, confirmation letters and teacher packages. Set visitor schedules. Book bussing. Compile scavenger hunt booklet. Organize bag stuffing and mail-outs for schools and youth groups.
  • Volunteer Recruitment (Hilary Schumacher - Chair, Judith Chan): Send out call for volunteers. Work with program delivery to set volunteer schedules. Set schedules and track attendance of volunteers.
  • Exhibits (Laurie McGhie, Richard Chow, Steven Lynch, Taylor Foret - Chair): Work with Sponsorship to maintain a master list for exhibitors and sponsors. Distribute communication to exhibitors including: thank-you packages, save the dates, requests for support and sponsorship brochure. Compile exhibitor package for the event. Secure exhibitors for the event. Design floor plan.
  • Venue and Logistics (Patrick Lagasca, Rebecca Haspel - Chair, Taylor Foret - Vice Chair): Secure venue. Work with exhibitors and program delivery to ensure we have enough tables/ chairs/ electrical drops etc. for event. Order food for volunteers/ exhibitors. Monitor costs pertaining to venue, AV and catering.
  • Grant Writing (Annette Milbradt): Searches for applicable grants. Compiles and submits application forms. Compiles final grant reports.

Volunteers Required? Yes!

d)  Scholarship Committee

Summary: This program, established over 30 years ago, awards up to $40,000 per year in scholarships to deserving geoscience students in universities across Canada. It is being extended to include students in post-secondary technical institutes.

Current Chair: Darren Hinks (

e) Travel Grants and Learning Subsidies Committee

Summary: This program helps CSEG members develop their professional geoscience knowledge or skills by supporting educational opportunities. Many post-secondary student members have received funds to travel to national or international geoscience conferences.

Current Chair: Pam Bucher (

f) University Student Outreach Committee (USO)

Summary: Organizes all university-related subcommittees for Outreach. This is the umbrella for the Challenge Bowl, Mentorship, GIFT, JGF, and Student Conference subcommittees. For more information, go to

Current Chair:  Chelsea Squires (

Future Chair: Need someone!

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Chair (Chelsea Squires): Chair is responsible for overseeing operations and approving budgets.    
  • Subcommittees for Challenge bowl, Mentorship, Conferences, and JGF: Each volunteer manages the events of their subcommittee. Each subcommittee has its own section, below, with volunteer info.

Volunteers Required? Not permanently, but volunteers are needed for specific events as they come up.

g) Student Conferences Subcommittee (USO)

Summary: It is the Chair’s responsibility to coordinate the CSEG-F's attendance at student conferences across Canada (Atlantic Universities Geoscience Conference (AUGC), Western Inter-University Geosciences Conference (WIUGC, etc.). This year, we found a volunteer to join the Chair at each conference. We also represented the CSEG-F at industry fairs, signing up 37 new CSEG student members. The CSEG Challenge Bowl preliminary competitions were hosted by the volunteers, at AUGC, WIUGC, and U of C this year. We also took part in judging the students’ oral and poster presentations; ultimately awarding a winner with the "Best Geophysical Presentation Award" at each conference.

Current Chair: Taylor Till -

Future Chair: Need someone!

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Chair (Taylor Till) 
  • USO Student Conference Chair (Taylor Till)
  • AUGC (Oct 2019) Volunteer (Michael Power)
  • WIUGC (Jan 2020) Volunteer (Brandon Clayton)

Volunteers represent the CSEG-F during industry fairs at student conferences, encourage students to sign up for CSEG memberships, co-host the CSEG Challenge Bowl preliminary competitions, and judge student presentations to award the "Best Geophysical Presentation Award".

Volunteers Required?  We need to be able to maintain two representatives per conference. It's difficult to say if we need more, because volunteer availability varies for each conference, but options are always ideal, in case we are in need.

h)  Challenge Bowl Subcommittee (USO)

Summary: The Challenge Bowl is a Jeopardy-style geoscience quiz game for university students across Canada. The committee organizes multiple regional events throughout the year, culminating in the Canadian National Challenge Bowl Finals event during GeoConvention. This fun event brings students together with industry, and gives them an opportunity to show off their knowledge and win the ultimate prize of a trip to the International SEG Annual Meeting. For more information, go to

Current Chair: Shelby Perreault -

Future Chair: Need someone!

Volunteer List and Roles:
  • Chair (Shelby Perreault ): Coordinates with university student groups to organize regional Challenge Bowls; organizes, coordinates sponsorship for, and runs the Canadian National Challenge Bowl Finals with GeoConvention; liaises with the SEG.
  • 1-2 Committee Members (Jordan Freake): Helps with tasks assigned by the Chair Regional Challenge Bowl Hosts - travels to universities across Canada to interact with students and host the pre-generated Challenge Bowl quiz.
  • 1 USO Chair liaison (Chelsea Squires)
  • 1-2 Regional Challenge Bowl Hosts per event (Taylor Till, Brandon Clayton, Michael Power)
  • Additionally, we typically require 5-10 volunteers for event setup and execution during the Canadian National Challenge Bowl Finals at GeoConvention.

Volunteers Required? Yes. Three committee members would be ideal, to organize all events throughout the year. Looking for someone to take over the Chair role, and to add an additional person to the committee.

i)  Geophysics Industry Field Trip (GIFT) Subcommittee (USO)

Summary: This is the CSEG’s largest student event, bringing students from across Canada together for an intense 3-day introduction to the world of professional geophysics. Includes technical workshops at corporate offices in Calgary, and a field component outside the city. Students can network with peers and industry professionals, and learn about careers in geophysics. For more information see

Chair: Mathieu Boudreau -

Incoming Chair: Cody Good -

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Chair (Mathieu Boudreau): The Chairs’ primary duties are to assemble the committee, delegate tasks, and be main point of communication with industry sponsors. Also, the Chair organizes regular committee meetings, works with Sponsorship Committee and sponsors to decide on workshops/talks, and designs a structure and schedule for the event.
  • Sponsorship team (Cody Good (lead), Nicole Greiner, Cole Narfason, Bob Carter, Jiyeon Kelly Woo, Alex Patterson, Hashim Khattana, Stefan Djordjevic): Contacts potential sponsors to be venue hosts and for monetary donations. Each member must work with the sponsors and our committee to organize workshops and talks for the students, as well as acquire the monetary sponsorship we require to run the trip.
  • Venue booking (Cristian Otalora, Jiyeon Kelly Woo, Alex Patterson, Bob Carter, Ray Valencia): The venue booking team provides quotes for dinners, lunches, transportation and opening banquet.
  • Registration (Nicole Greiner, Ray Valencia): The registration team deals with registering students for the event and helping to ensure the needs (dietary, medical etc.) of each student are noted and met.
  • Budget and expense tracking (Cristian Otalora): One volunteer deals with tracking our current budget and expenses that occur along the way.
  • Marketing Lead (Cole Narfason): Marketing is generally done by each member of the committee, as we all have different avenues at our disposal. We work with our individual universities, clubs, industry contacts and the CSEG to promote the event as much as possible.
  • Everyone also does their part with miscellaneous tasks throughout the planning and execution of the trip.

Volunteers needed? We need new committee members each year, so volunteers are always welcome. Please contact Mathieu or Cody.

j) Mentorship (USO)

Summary: We coordinate mentorship pairings between student geoscientists and professionals, to support the development of the next generation of geoscientists and help develop the leadership skills of our current industry leaders. For more information go to

Current Chair: Nathan Fester (

Future Chair: Need someone!

Volunteer List and Responsibilities:
  • Chair (Nathan Fester): Works with the committee to determine events, initiatives and content for the Mentorship year.  Organizes once per monthly committee meetings and any follow-up communication to carry out yearly plans.  Liaison with other industry committees and organizations to share and co-host events (GeoWomen, EPP, CSPG, GeoConvention, APEGA, etc.)  Sets and manages a yearly budget for the committee.  Ensures committee members, mentors and mentees are being supported and gaining value from their investment into the Mentorship program.   
  • Event Coordinators - Stephen Kotkas and Hassan Odhwani: Determine Mentorship event content, coordinate hosts/speakers, secure venue, work with committee to promote and secure attendees.
  • Social Media Director - Ashlee Fudge: Posts content regarding upcoming events and current events on Instagram and LinkedIn. Generates engaging content and shares relevant industry information with both students and mentors.
  • Pairings Coordinator - Usman Shahid: Works with committee to set mentor/professional pairings at the beginning of the school year. Sends out all initial pairing emails. Stays in contact and offers feedback to any questions or concerns from pairings throughout the year.
  • Community Outreach Director – Jeff Calvert: Generates monthly content for Mentorship newsletter. Engages with mentorship and industry community to share relevant updates and news stories from mentors, mentees and across the industry.
  • Mentor Resource List Director – Jordan Vandean: Connects mentor and mentees with the correct resources from our list of 90+ industry experts. Coordinates informal monthly coffee “AMA” sessions, highlighting one of our mentor resources.
  • Senior Advisor – Mike Finn: Offers a Mentor’s perspective around event and mentorship content.  Generates ideas around areas of growth of the program. 

Volunteers required?  Yes, please contact


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