VIG’s main mission is to help geophysicists talk to engineers, managers, biologists, investors, and others about the important role geophysics plays in the safe and profitable development of our energy resources.

Over the years, we’ve presented our ideas to engineers through SPE and APEGA breakfast and luncheon talks. We’ve taught at Doodletrain and the Geophysical Industry Field Trip, presented at GeoConvention and have coordinated a VIG themed RECORDER.

VIG has many projects on the go. We’re building a “VIG Library” – a list with links to papers that clearly demonstrate the value of geophysics. The purpose of the library is to help you explain complex topics to your engineers and managers, in terms they can understand. Some of the papers are simple, while others are case studies for geophysicists. We also include guidelines for writing and presenting ideas. Please send us your suggestions for more papers. In addition to the VIG Library, we’re organizing another series of SPE breakfast talks as well as an APEGA talk. We would like to publish a VIG paper in one of the engineering journals. Recently, we’ve been talking to the SEG about forming a VIG special interest group (VIG-SIG), and about developing a more global reach for this initiative.

We’re a small handful of volunteers with a big cause, so feel free to join us or help out.

Thank you!

VIG Committee: Louis Chabot, John Duhault, David Gray, Ken Gray, Mike Hall, Paul Hausmanis, Darren Kondrat, and Ruth Peach


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